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| {{imagelink|diesel-locomotive|Diesel Locomotive}} |-
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Items are all objects in Factorio that the player can move or handle; this list does not include Enemies, landforms like lakes, trees, or rocks, or concepts like Pollution, but it does include Liquids.


Resources can be found on the planet and provide raw materials when mined or pumped.

Item Where to get
Raw wood Tree
Coal resource
Iron ore Iron resource
Copper ore Copper resource
Uranium ore.png
Uranium ore
Uranium resource
Stone resource
Raw fish Lakes
Alien artifact.png
Alien artifact
Remnants of alien spawners. Removed in 0.15.0.
Pumped from water tiles by offshore pumps
Crude Oil Extracted from oil fields by pumpjacks

Intermediate products

Intermediate products are items produced by the player or assemblers for use in the creation of more complex products; with the exception of stone brick, these products cannot be placed.

Item Description
Created from Raw wood.
Iron plate Smelted from Iron ore in a Furnace.
Copper plate Smelted from Copper ore in a Furnace.
Steel plate Smelted from Iron plate in a Furnace.
Stone brick Baked from Stone in a Furnace.
Created from Water and Petroleum Gas in a Chemical plant.
Plastic bar Created from Coal and Petroleum Gas in a Chemical plant.
Created from Iron plate, Copper plate and Sulfuric Acid in a Chemical plant.
Iron stick Rarely used intermediate product.
Iron gear wheel Frequently used intermediate product.
Copper cable Used for creation of circuits and wires.
Electronic circuit Used for creation of electrical devices.
Advanced circuit Used for advanced electrical devices.
Processing Unit Used for the highest level electrical devices.
Engine unit Used for Diesel locomotives, Cars, Tanks, and Electric engine units.
Electric engine unit Used for Power armor, Robots and Small Pumps.
Flying robot frame Used for creation of Logistic and Construction robots.
Science pack 1 Used for research.
Science pack 2 Used for research.
Science pack 3 Used for research.
Alien science pack.png
Alien science pack
Used for research. Removed in 0.15.0.
Military science pack.png
Military science pack
Used for research. Added in 0.15.0.
Production science pack.png
Production science pack
Used for research. Added in 0.15.0.
Utility science pack.png
High tech science pack
Used for research. Added in 0.15.0.
Space science pack.png
Space science pack
Used for research. Added in 0.15.0.
Empty barrel Used to store and transport Crude Oil.
Used for creation of explosive weaponry.


Chemicals are liquid intermediate products.

Item Description
Petroleum Gas Converted from Crude Oil. Used to create various items.
Light Oil Converted from Crude Oil. Used to create various items. Can be converted into Petroleum Gas.
Heavy Oil Converted from Crude Oil. Can be converted to Light Oil and Lubricant.
Sulfuric Acid Converted from Sulfur and Water. Can be used to create various items.
Converted from Heavy Oil. Used mainly to create Express Transport Belts and Electric Engine Units.
Converted from Water. Used in Steam engines and Steam turbines to convert internal energy into electric energy. Added in 0.15.0.

Player equipment


Tools determine the mining speed of the player. This is true not only for resources, but for any deployed object the player is picking up. Iron Axes are the first available manufactured tool. Once Steel Processing is researched, the better Steel Axe is available.

Iron and steel axes can also be used as melee weapons if the player is out of ammo. Bare hands cannot, which is why the 'None' item has no damage.

Item Speed Damage Durability Description
None 1 0 infinite Values used if no tool is used. Very slow.
Iron axe 2.5 5 physical 4000 Basic mining tool. Cheap and durable.
Steel axe 4 8 physical 5000 Advanced mining tool. Fast, but expensive.


Weapons are used to inflict damage to alien lifeforms and buildings. As tools only provide damage at close range, weapons should be used in any case. All weapons will consume ammo when fired. For some weapons multiple ammo types are usable; they differ in cost and inflicted damage.

Item Ammo Description
Regular magazinePiercing rounds magazine
Uranium rounds magazine.png
Uranium rounds magazine
Most basic weapon available from start.
Submachine gun Regular magazine Piercing rounds magazine
Uranium rounds magazine.png
Uranium rounds magazine
Faster variant of Pistol.
Shotgun shells Piercing shotgun shells A basic short range weapon.
Combat shotgun Shotgun shells Piercing shotgun shells An advanced short range weapon.
Rocket launcher
RocketExplosive rocket
Atomic bomb.png
Atomic bomb
Long range weapon, good for destroying bases.
Flamethrower Flamethrower ammo Has innate splash damage, best used against crowds.
Land mine - Defensive structure. Explodes on activation.
Basic grenade - Basic short range explosive weapon with some area of effect.
Cluster grenade - Advanced longer range grenade that splits into 7 basic grenades on impact.
Defender capsule - Basic bullet capsule. Spawns one Defender robot.
Poison capsule - Capsule that causes poison damage in a large area.
Slowdown capsule - Capsule that slows enemy movement.
Distractor capsule - Capsule that spawns three stationary Distractor robots.
Destroyer capsule - Capsule that spawns five powerful Destroyer robots.
Basic electric discharge defense remote - Device for firing the Discharge defense device.
Regular magazinePiercing rounds magazine
Uranium rounds magazine.png
Uranium rounds magazine
Fast vehicle, can be driven. Can fire Submachine gun and has storage space.
Regular magazinePiercing rounds magazine
Uranium rounds magazine.png
Uranium rounds magazine |rowspan="2"| Slow armored vehicle, can be driven. Can fire Submachine gun or tank cannon, and has storage space.
Cannon shells Explosive cannon shells
Uranium cannon shell.png
Uranium cannon shell
Explosive uranium cannon shell.png
Explosive uranium cannon shell


Item Description
Regular magazine Most basic bullet type, available from start.
Piercing rounds magazine Advanced bullet type, much more expensive but more powerful.
Shotgun shells Ammo for shotguns.
Piercing shotgun shells Advanced ammo for shotguns.
Ammo for Rocket launcher.
Explosive rocket Ammo for Rocket launcher with splash damage.
Flamethrower ammo Ammo for Flamethrower.
Cannon shells Ammo for Tank Cannon.
Explosive cannon shells Ammo for Tank Cannon.


Item Description
Iron armor Cheap armor, for light defense inside your base.
Heavy armor Tougher basic armor, which could help you escape if your vehicle is destroyed in the field.
Basic modular armor First modular armor (5x5 grid), enough for solar power and a few shields. Good enough to easily survive waves attacking your base, but you'll still need a Tank to assault theirs.
Power armor Expensive modular armor (7x7 grid), which can support fusion power, multiple shields, and an exoskeleton for speed and attack power.
Power armor MK2 Ultimate basekiller armor (10x10 grid). Very expensive. Leave that flimsy Tank behind, you have no need for it.

Modular armor components

Item Size (WxH) Description
Night vision 3x2 Provides better sight at night.
Battery MK1 1x2 Basic energy storage.
Battery MK2 1x2 Advanced energy storage.
Energy shield 2x2 Basic personal protective shield.
Energy shield MK2 2x2 Advanced personal protective shield.
Portable solar panel 1x1 Small power generating device.
Portable fusion reactor 4x4 Advanced power generating device.
Personal laser defense 2x3 Personal laser based defense.
Discharge defense 3x3 A powerful defense system. Activated by Remote.
Basic exoskeleton equipment 2x4 Enhances movement speed.
Personal roboport 2x2 Allows the player to act as a mobile roboport.


Item Description
Logistic robot A flying robot that will move items inside a Logistic network.
Construction robot A flying robot that will repair or replace entities.
The Roboport is the home for all Robots.
A tool to 'copy & paste' buildings.
Deconstruction planner A tool to deconstruct buildings.
Blueprint book A tool used to hold blueprints.
Solid fuel Usable as fuel in burner devices, or as an ingredient for Rocket fuel.

Placeable items

Transport belts

Transport belt |- Underground belt |- Splitter |- Fast transport belt |- Fast underground belt |- Fast splitter |- Express transport belt |- Express underground belt |- Express splitter |-


Burner inserter |- Inserter |- Long handed inserter |- Fast inserter |- Filter inserter |- Stack inserter |-
Stack filter inserter.png
Stack filter inserter |-


Item Storage size (Stacks) Features
Wooden chest 16 Can be used as fuel in burner devices.
Iron chest 32 None
Steel chest 48 None
Active Provider chest 48 Sends its contents to the Logistic network.
Passive Provider chest 48 Provides its contents to the Logistic network.
Storage chest 48 Serves as long-term storage for the Logistic network.
Requester chest 48 Requests specified items from the Logistic network.

Defensive Structures

Wall |-
Gate |-
Gun turret |- Laser turret |- Flamethrower turret |-

Machines & Furnaces

Burner Mining Drill |- Electric Mining Drill |- Stone Furnace |- Steel Furnace |- Electric Furnace |- Assembling machines |-
Lab |-
Beacon |-
Radar |-


Modules are items used to enhance existing buildings' capabilities. They are expensive, require appropriate research and are produced slowly, but can greatly improve the efficiency of a factory.

Efficiency module Efficiency module 2 Efficiency module 3|- Productivity module Productivity module 2 Productivity module 3 |- Speed module Speed module 2 Speed module 3 |-

Electric network

Small electric pole |- Medium electric pole |- Big electric pole |-
Substation |-
Boiler |-
Steam engine |- Solar Panel |- Accumulator |-

Railway network

Straight Rail |- Train stop |- Rail signal |- Rail chain signal |- Diesel Locomotive |- Cargo wagon |-
Fluid wagon.png
Fluid wagon |-

Liquid network

Pipe |-
Pipe-to-ground |- Offshore Pump |- Storage Tank |- Oil Refinery |- Chemical Plant |-
Pumpjack |-
Small Pump |-

Circuit network

Used in the Circuit network

Lamp |-
Red wire |- Green wire |- Arithmetic combinator |- Decider combinator |- Constant combinator |- Power switch |- Programmable speaker |-

Rocket Components

Rocket Silo |- Low density structure |- Rocket control unit |-
Rocket fuel.png
Rocket fuel |-
Rocket part |-
Satellite |-