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Burner inserter

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Burner inserter.png
Burner inserter

Burner inserter entity.png


Iron gear wheel.png
Iron plate.png
Burner inserter.png

Total raw

Iron plate.png


Iron gear wheel.png
Iron plate.png
Burner inserter.png

Total raw

Iron plate.png

Map color




Fire: 0/90%

Stack size




Energy consumption

94 kW (burner)

Mining time


Prototype type


Internal name


Required technologies

None required

Boosting technologies

Inserter capacity bonus (research).png

Produced by

Assembling machine 1.png
Assembling machine 2.png
Assembling machine 3.png

Valid fuel

Solid fuel.png
Rocket fuel.png
Nuclear fuel.png

The burner inserter is the most basic and slowest type of inserters. It is powered by burning fuel, compared to the more advanced inserters which are powered by electricity. It will add fuel to its own supply if it picks any up, which makes it useful for filling boilers with coal. This has the advantage that it will continue working even if the power fails, as opposed to electrically-powered inserters which will be unable to function. It consumes no fuel while idle, though it consumes vastly more energy than most other inserters when active.

A burner inserter sometimes cannot grab moving items from either fast transport belts or express transport belts. It also cannot grab moving items from turning belts if the item is on the far side. It will try, however, and consume fuel in its attempts.

Even though it doesn't use electricity, a burner inserter can be connected to and controlled by the logistic and the circuit network.

Fuel consumption

A burner inserter consumes no power while idle and does not continuously consume the maximum amount of power when working, so how long fuel lasts can be measured by how many times an inserter can swing back and forth. A burner inserter fueled with a single piece of coal can swing 57 times, transporting 57 items at a inserter stack size of 1, while a piece of wood lasts 28 swings, and solid fuel lasts 178 swings. From these experimental results it can be concluded that 1 MJ of fuel lasts between 14 and 14.25 swings, which is close to the actual number of 70 kJ / 1 swing. Note that higher stack capacity increases the efficiency on the inserters, as a single swing consumes the same amount of fuel regardless of level.


  • 0.13.2:
    • Inserters connected to the circuit network now have the option to only read hand contents.
  • 0.13.0:
    • Inserters can now send the item held in hand to the circuit network.
    • Inserters are able to squeeze things slightly better to belts.
    • All types of inserters can be controlled by the circuit and logistic network, once the respective network is researched.
  • 0.12.16:
    • Improved burner inserter's fuel searching logic; it will now search both transport belt lines for fuel
  • 0.12.11:
    • Burner inserter now grabs fuel for itself even if the target doesn't need it
  • 0.12.2:
    • Inserters will never take more than the max stack size of an item.
    • Inserters and logistic robots no longer extract from enemy chests
    • Inserters now correctly pick up items from splitters
  • 0.12.1:
    • Burner inserters start with enough energy to pick up 1 item and fuel themselves.
  • 0.12.0:
    • Inserters can now extract from roboports and beacons.
    • Inserters now take items from right behind them, not from the center of the pickup target entity.
  • 0.9.2:
    • Inserters can have arbitrary pickup and insert positions.
  • 0.9.0:
    • Inserter code optimisation, inserters that have nothing to do will sleep.
  • 0.8.0:
    • Improved inserter's ability to pull from train wagons.
  • 0.7.1:
    • Fast inserter now has the same speed as the smart inserter.
  • 0.5.0:
    • Inserter can now pick up up to 5 items when researched.
  • 0.4.0:
    • Smaller inserter bounding box
  • 0.3.0:
    • New Inserter graphics
  • 0.2.1:
    • The item in the hand of the inserter is returned to the player when mined.
  • 0.2.0:
    • Show direction of inserter

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