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Absorbs pollution. Can be chopped down for Raw wood.





Mining hardness


Mining time


Required technologies

None required

Trees are plants in Factorio. They can be mined for Raw wood, and are the only source of it. Trees are obstacles to construction and must be cleared to provide building space, but they also reduce Pollution, so take care not to remove more than necessary. Currently, trees cannot be replanted.

Big-tree-1.png Big-tree-2.png Dead-tree.png


Main article: Achievements

Trees are directly connected to the following achievements:

Destroy 10k trees with fire.
Run forrest run
Destroy 100 trees by impact.

Good methods to get rid of trees

(*) Usable to collect raw wood. All other methods just destroy the tree and wood.

There are more methods, but these have a good ratio of 'tech vs. trees per minute'.

Collecting Wood

Raw wood can be collected by chopping down a dead or live tree. Dead trees will give 2 raw wood and have a mining time of 1. Live trees will give 4 raw wood and have a mining time of 2.

Although collection of raw wood is easy to do, there is currently no way to completely automate the collection of raw wood, or replant it. However wood processing is planned, as discussed here.

Pollution removal

Trees remove small amounts of pollution in their area. The pollution caused by a Stone furnace, for example, can be removed by sixty live trees.

Object Pollution per tick Pollution per second
Dead-tree.png Dead tree -0.0001 -0.006
Dark-thin-tree.png Dark thin tree -0.0001 -0.006
Dry-tree.png Dry tree -0.0001 -0.006
Root-tree.png Root tree -0.0001 -0.006
Green-thin-tree.png Green thin tree -0.0005 -0.03
Dark-green-thin-tree.png Dark green thin tree -0.0005 -0.03
Red-thin-tree.png Red thin tree -0.0005 -0.03
Green-tree.png Green tree -0.0005 -0.03
Dark-green-tree.png Dark green tree -0.0005 -0.03
Red-tree.png Red tree -0.0005 -0.03
Green-coral.png Green coral 0 0

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