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Copper cable

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Copper cable.png
Copper cable

Intermediate product


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Copper cable.png

Total raw

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Copper plate.png

Stack size


Required technologies

None required

Produced by

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Assembling machine 3.png

Consumed by

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Arithmetic combinator.png
Constant combinator.png
Decider combinator.png
Electronic circuit.png
Green wire.png
High tech science pack.png
Power switch.png
Programmable speaker.png
Red wire.png
Small electric pole.png

Copper cables are an intermediate product made from Copper plates. They are very important for manufacturing circuits and electrical connections.

Copper cable can also be used to connect power poles. Select the Copper cable from your inventory, and connect it with a left click to two Electric poles. This way, you can manually wire some of the more complex systems, like making steam engines work only when accumulators are empty.



Copper wire is used nearly solely for Electronic circuits and Advanced circuits. Note, that one Copper plate is needed to craft two wires. This expansion is a problem because belts are normally not able to handle that load.

There are a number of good designs to handle this without belts:


  • 0.12.2:
    • Moved copper wire into the intermediate category in the recipes.