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Stone wall entity.png


Stone brick.png

Total raw

Stone brick.png

Map color




Acid: 0/80%
Explosion: 10/30%
Fire: 0/100%
Impact: 45/60%
Laser: 0/70%
Physical: 3/20%

Stack size




Mining time


Prototype type


Internal name


Required technologies

Stone wall (research).png

Produced by

Assembling machine 1.png
Assembling machine 2.png
Assembling machine 3.png

Consumed by

Military science pack.png

Walls are a defensive structure that prevents both the player and enemies from passing. They can be used to shield turrets so they will be able to fight enemies longer without being destroyed, and can be used to protect parts of the factory from enemies. Although walls have less health than most defensive structures, their high damage resistance means it will take longer for enemies to destroy them.

Gates can be constructed to allow the player to pass through walls. Gates share the same health and resistances as walls and automatically close for enemies if not connected to the circuit network, so no defensive power is lost.

Walls only block melee attacks, projectile attacks go over them. However, big and behemoth biters can attack 2 tiles away, meaning they can hit structures directly behind a single layer of walls. To prevent this, structures can be moved further back from the walls or a second layer of walls can be added.

Despite their applications as a defensive measure, walls are not considered a military unit and structure; this is important for understanding the behavior of enemies regarding walls. If they are attempting to attack something and the wall obstructs their path, they will attack the wall to destroy it and clear the way. However, if they have already been aggro'd by a turret or the player, enemies will more actively pursue their aggressor and not necessarily attack walls between them. This allows the player to stall enemies more efficiently by building walls in a manner that disrupts their pathing without entirely obstructing it. However, if their pathing is disrupted enough, they will still resort to attacking the wall to remove the obstruction, thus long sections of wall that enemies will chew through may be less effective than shorter segments that force them to go around.

Placing walls in four adjacent tiles forming a square will cause the inner space to be filled. This is only a visual property, the health and the rest of the properties of the walls are not affected.

Wall connections.png


  • 0.15.0:
    • Doubled stack size of walls, to 100.
    • Walls with gates now can accept any signal type.
  • 0.13.5:
    • Increased the collision box of walls slightly.
  • 0.10.2:
    • Repair speed is twice as fast.
  • 0.10.0:
    • Changed collision box logic. It is possible to walk between diagonal walls now, but not when connected.
  • 0.7.5:
    • Doubled the stack size of walls.
  • 0.7.1:
    • Walls now leave remnants when destroyed.
  • 0.7.0:
    • Increased wall health from 200 to 350.
  • 0.4.0:
    • Added textures for a single piece of wall.

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