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Space science pack

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Space science pack.png
Space science pack

Used by labs for research.

Stack size


Prototype type


Internal name


Required technologies

None required

Produced by

Rocket silo.png

Consumed by

Raw fish.png

The Space science pack is an end-game science pack. Unlike the other science packs, the space science pack is not directly craftable. Instead, it is obtained by launching a rocket from a rocket silo equipped with a satellite. 1000 space science packs are obtained each time a rocket with a satellite is launched. The rocket silo can hold no more than 2000 space science packs, remaining science packs are discarded when launching the rocket with a satellite. Space science packs are used in all infinite technologies.

The space science pack (research) is required for the satellite, which, in combination with the rocket silo, is used to obtain the science packs.

The space science pack may be launched in the rocket to obtain raw fish. One science pack is converted to one fish, however one rocket can at most return one stack of raw fish. This means that launching more than 100 space science packs will return only 100 fish and waste all extra science packs.


The following shows the minimum items required to produce 1000 space science packs. It is calculated using a single rocket silo with no modules or beacons. The crafting of some intermediate products is not shown (due to the assumption that these items are available in large quantities within the factory). This table was produced using normal recipe difficulty.

1 rocket and satellite cost giving 1000 packs
Rocket part.png
Low density structure.png
Rocket fuel.png
Rocket control unit.png
Low density structure.png
Solar panel.png
Processing unit.png
Rocket fuel.png

Total raw costs

Normal mode recipe
per 1000 packs
Normal mode
recipe per 1 pack
Expensive mode recipe
per 1000 packs
Expensive mode
recipe per 1 pack
Iron plate.png
44035 44.0 87320 87.3
Copper plate.png
101787.5 101.8 266425 266.4
Steel plate.png
2700 2.7 2700 2.7
Plastic bar.png
19900 19.9 61800 61.8
Solid fuel.png
10500 10.5 10500 10.5
Sulfuric acid.png
15500 15.5 31000 31


  • 1.0.0:
    • Launching a rocket with space science packs inside now returns raw fish (not documented)

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