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Upcoming features

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This is a list of planned additions and changes for Factorio's next major release 0.17.

Planned features

  • Mini tutorials
    • Improved quality
    • Cover the rest of the game mechanics
  • Improved First Steps campaign and new main campaign [1] [2] [3]
    • Addition of shallow water as a natural barries that the player can walk on, but not build on [4]
  • GUI rewrite [5] [6] [7]
    • Improve the looks of the GUI [8]
    • Change the way it works
    • Research queue [14] [15] [16]
  • New graphics back-end, SDL, OpenGL, DX11, v-sync fix, texture streaming, VRAM usage optimizations, shaders [17]
    • New font rendering [18]
    • Better rendering performance (CPU side) [19] [20]
    • Uses OpenGL 3.3 Core and DirectX 11 feature level 10.0 [21]
  • Recipe tree GUI
    • Foundation of some kind of in-game "factoriopedia"
    • Should provide the player fast ways to get the answer to questions like:
      • "What is this item used in?"
      • "What is the graph of recipe dependencies for this?"
  • Mod integration improvements
    • Syncing mods with multiplayer game [22]
    • Mod browsing improvements
      • Show the mod picture and more smaller things
  • Map editor improvements, both technical and usability wise [23][24]
  • Map generator improvements and fixes, autoplace specification improvements and documentation [25]
    • All combinations of settings should no longer create strange maps such as circles of cliffs.
    • Much more predictable starting area resources that don't overlap each-other and are not covered by water, but the starting area will always contain water.
      • The starting area contains only iron, copper, coal and stone, in very predictable amounts. Uranium and oil are explicitly excluded from the starting area.
      • Starting area resources are usually in one ore patch each (depending on settings).
      • The starting area patches are usually close together.
      • The starting area size setting no longer affects resource placement, it just has a fixed size.
    • The resource generation settings now have a much more dramatic effect (previously they had little to no effect).
    • Increased the number of steps (small, medium, big, etc) for each setting from 5 to 9 for even more customization.
  • High-resolution sprites for the rest of the game, including a few changes to some entities
    • New laser turret textures, new laser beams [26]
    • Spawners redesign in HR [27]
    • HR defensive structures [28]
    • HR worms [29]
  • Final game balancing
    • Science pack technologies [30]
    • Separation of nuclear energy and nuclear processing [31]
    • The rocket parts have their own technologies and are used in more recipes besides the rocket [32]
    • Launching a satellite no longer ends the game, instead the newly added "rocket escape pod" must be launched into space [33]
    • Better separation of technologies between high tech and production science [34]
  • Upgrade planner [35] [36]
  • Rich text editing [37]
    • Different fonts, color, and icons
    • Possibly: Item/recipe/technology references, map positions, and blueprint strings
  • Fast pipe replacing [38]
  • Better plural form localisations [39]
  • More modding support [40] [41]
  • Better sounds [42]
  • Copy, paste and cut functionality [43]
  • Ability to undo building, mining, blueprinting and deconstruction [44]
  • Small quality-of-life improvements [45]
    • Better recipe catalyst mechanics
    • Items no longer spill onto belts
    • Separate construction queue for tile ghosts
    • Belt immunity equipment
    • Bots can be shown on the map as a debug option [46]
    • Train out of fuel alert [47]
  • Keyboard bindings now use scan-codes instead of key-codes [

Possible features

  • Spidertron [48] [49]
  • Better car handling and car in latency state
  • Better fluid physics [50]

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