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Upcoming features

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This is a list of planned additions and changes for Factorio's next major release 0.16.

Note: Version 0.16 was released on December 13, 2017. Pending updates to the wiki to reflect the new release, the list below should be considered inaccurate, as many of the features given here as "planned" are now implemented. Editors: please remove this tag once this page is properly updated.


  • Artillery wagon [1]
  • High resolution textures for almost everything:
    • Lab [2]
    • Radar [3]
    • Worker robots (construction and logistic), combat robots (defender, distractor and destroyer) [4]
    • Combinators [5]
    • Electric & circuit wires, lamp [6]
    • Pumpjack, storage tank [7]
    • Player, tank [8]
    • Terrain [9]
    • Concrete [10]
    • Stone bricks [11]
  • New alert icons [12]
  • Map generation improvement (related to the updated high res terrains and decoratives) [13] [14]
    • Generation of iron on top of other resources
    • Tweaking the resource density (average number of resources per tile)
    • Making resources much more spread apart
    • Making sure the starting area is not covered by trees
  • Buffer chest [15]
  • Passenger seat for vehicles [16]
    • 1 extra seat per vehicle
    • Passenger can have control of the weapons
  • Cliffs [17]
  • Belts, underground belts and splitters can fast replace each other [18]
  • Train block visualisation [19]
  • All terrains, including stone path and concrete, have transitions with water [20]
    • Offshore pump placement changes


  • Train pathfinding and collision checking optimisations
  • Additional smoke related optimisations [21]
  • Lamp related optimisations [22]
  • Item stack optimisation
  • Optimisation of electric network update logic [23]
  • Group multiple item icons to one sprite in order to optimize rendering of saturated belts
  • Optimisation of blueprint preview rendering [24]
  • Belt optimisations [25]
  • Saving and loading optimisations [26]

Overall tweaks

  • Find a way to show connected walls + pipes in a blueprint [27]
  • Map interaction improvements

Semi-bugs or small things

  • A train will no longer block its own path with chain signals [28]
  • Make programmable speaker 'Global playback' only apply for people on that force
  • Make electric network UI less weird with lots of accumulators
  • In the future, construction robots will stop following their repair target when the target leaves the construction zone [29]
  • Construction robots now immediately know when their target has been repaired (by hand etc), instead of realizing it when they arrive at the target [30]
  • Robots building things from personal roboports now count as being in the player's inventory while flying around [31]
  • Added a /server-save command [32]
  • Added ability to reset achievements, including steam achievements [33]
  • The blueprint library will no longer erase modded entites from blueprints if their mod is removed from the game [34]

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