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This is a list of planned additions and changes for Factorio's next major release 0.15.


Liquid wagon

The liquid wagon, also known as the rail tanker, will be able to transport liquids by rail. It is currently only possible to transport oil by rail, by putting it into barrels first. To insert liquids into and extract liquids from the liquid wagon, a new pump is also being added.

Liquid wagon pump

A new pump will be added that can extract liquids from and insert liquids into the new liquid wagon. The pump will be folded when no train is present, and unfold and extend its arm above the liquid wagon to insert or extract liquids. It is not currently known whether liquids will be both inserted and extracted through the top side of the liquid wagon using this pump.

Programmable speaker

The programmable speaker will be able to

  • Show configurable GUI alerts and play audio alerts based on circuit conditions.
  • Play audio samples as controlled by the circuit network in a way that simple songs can be created.


Three new science packs will be added to make research less linear and to decrease the large jump in complexity between the different science packs (as there is currently a large jump between science pack 2 and science pack 3.

Military science pack.
Will be used for technologies about military and combat.
Will be available right after science pack 2.
Crafting it requires 1 piercing rounds magazine, 1 grenade and 1 gun turret, and will yield 2 military science packs.
Crafting time is 10 game-seconds.
Production science pack.
Will be used for technologies about higher tier production.
Will be available right after science pack 3.
Crafting it requires 1 pumpjack, 1 electric engine unit and 1 electric furnace, and will yield 2 production science packs.
Crafting time is 14 game-seconds.
High tech science pack.
Will be used for technologies about high tech items and concepts.
Will be available right after science pack 3.
Crafting it requires 1 battery, 3 processing units, 1 speed module and 30 copper cable, and will yield 2 high tech science packs.
Crafting time is 14 game-seconds.

Science pack 3's crafting recipe will be made simpler.

Crafting time will remain at 12 seconds, but the recipe will change to 1 advanced circuit, 1 engine unit and 1 assembling machine 2, creating 1 science pack 3.

Alien science packs will be removed.

In the research menu, every research icon will now display what science packs are needed for that research on the bottom of the icon.

Infinite research.

Research that will give smaller and small gains, to spend your resources on after finishing all the regular research.

PvP scenario

Player versus player experience in Factorio

  • The first player to create the scenario will be the gamemaster. He he can configure the game, i.e. determining the number of teams, starting tech level etc.
  • Every team will have the same starting area, it will be copied from the original spawn.
  • Each starting area will contain a rocket silo.
  • If your rocket silo is destroyed, your team has lost.
  • If you launch a rocket, your team wins.
  • If all other teams' silos have been destroyed, you win.
  • Destroying another team's silo will make their base yours.

Other additions

  • Universal barreling
  • Advanced map gen settings
  • Nuclear power
  • Blueprint library
  • "Red desert" biome
  • Filtered deconstruction planner

Interactive tips

Because the game has many intricacies about it, and to not overwhelm the player with tutorial upon tutorial at the start of the game, interactive tips will be shown as the game progresses. Small tutorial screens will pop up when a certain task is performed, to show the player what to do next. Examples, though not finalised:

You build the first locomotive
Tutorial to setup a train schedule unlocked.
You build a second locomotive
Tutorial of rail signals unlocked.
You build 50 rail signals
Tutorial of chain signals unlocked.



  • High resolution textures
    • Rails will look less flat and will get high resolution textures.
    • Pipes and transport belts will get high resolution textures.
  • Decorative entities will not be saved in the map anymore but instead will be saved per chunk in a very compressed format to improve performance.


  • The game will no longer support 32-bit systems, as this limited further progress of developing Factorio.

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