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Upcoming features

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This is a list of planned additions and changes for Factorio's next major release 0.16.


  • Artillery wagon [1]
  • High resolution textures for almost everything:
    • Lab [2]
    • Radar [3]
    • Worker robots (construction and logistic), combat robots (defender, distractor and destroyer) [4]
    • Combinators [5]
    • Electric & circuit wires, lamp [6]
    • Pumpjack, storage tank [7]
    • Player, tank [8]
    • Terrain [9]
    • Concrete [10]
    • Stone bricks [11]
  • New alert icons [12]
  • Map generation improvement (related to the updated high res terrains and decoratives) [13] [14]
    • Generation of iron on top of other resources
    • Tweaking the resource density (average number of resources per tile)
    • Making resources much more spread apart
    • Making sure the starting area is not covered by trees
  • Buffer chest [15]
  • Passenger seat for vehicles [16]
    • 1 extra seat per vehicle
    • Passenger can have control of the weapons
  • Cliffs [17]
  • Belts, underground belts and splitters can fast replace each other [18]
  • Train block visualisation [19]
  • All terrains, including stone path and concrete, have transitions with water [20]
    • Offshore pump placement changes


  • Train pathfinding and collision checking optimisations
  • Additional smoke related optimisations [21]
  • Lamp related optimisations [22]
  • Item stack optimisation
  • Optimisation of electric network update logic [23]
  • Group multiple item icons to one sprite in order to optimize rendering of saturated belts
  • Optimisation of blueprint preview rendering [24]
  • Belt optimisations [25]
  • Saving and loading optimisations [26]

Overall tweaks

  • Find a way to show connected walls + pipes in a blueprint [27]
  • Map interaction improvements

Semi-bugs or small things

  • A train will no longer block its own path with chain signals [28]
  • Make programmable speaker 'Global playback' only apply for people on that force
  • Make electric network UI less weird with lots of accumulators
  • In the future, construction robots will stop following their repair target when the target leaves the construction zone [29]
  • Construction robots now immediately know when their target has been repaired (by hand etc), instead of realizing it when they arrive at the target [30]
  • Robots building things from personal roboports now count as being in the player's inventory while flying around [31]
  • Added a /server-save command [32]
  • Added ability to reset achievements, including steam achievements [33]
  • The blueprint library will no longer erase modded entites from blueprints if their mod is removed from the game [34]

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