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Upcoming features

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This is a list of planned additions and changes for Factorio's next major release 0.17.

Planned major features

  • Mini tutorials
    • Improved quality
    • Cover the rest of the game mechanics
  • Improved First Steps campaign and new main campaign [1] [2]
  • GUI rewrite [3] [4] [5]
    • Improve the looks of the GUI [6]
    • Change the way it works
    • Research queue [7] [8]
  • New graphics back-end, SDL, OpenGL, DX11, v-sync fix, texture streaming, VRAM usage optimizations, shaders [9]
    • New font rendering [10]
  • Recipe tree GUI
    • Foundation of some kind of in-game "factoriopedia"
    • Should provide the player fast ways to get the answer to questions like:
      • "What is this item used in?"
      • "What is the graph of recipe dependencies for this?"
  • Mod integration improvements
    • Syncing mods with multiplayer game
    • Mod browsing improvements
      • Show the mod picture and more smaller things
  • Map editor improvements, both technical and usability wise
  • Map generator improvements and fixes, autoplace specification improvements and documentation
  • High-resolution sprites for the rest of the game, including a few changes to some entities
    • New laser turret textures, new laser beams [11]
  • Final game balancing
  • Upgrade planner [12]
  • Rich text editing [13]
    • Different fonts, color, and icons
    • Possibly: Item/recipe/technology references, map positions, and blueprint strings
  • Fast pipe replacing [14]

Possible features

  • Spidertron [15]
  • Better car handling and car in latency state
  • Better fluid physics [16]

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