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Virtual signals

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The interface for selecting a virtual signal
The icons of the three logic signals

Virtual signals are special non-item signals used in circuit networks. Other than the three logic signals, virtual signals do not behave differently from item signals.

45 virtual signals can be sent over a network. They include the digits zero through nine, the letters A through Z and the colors red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan, white, gray and black.

Logic signals

Three of the virtual signals cannot be sent over a network but apply special logic to multiple signals.


Everything can be used on the left side in conditionals. The condition will be true when the condition is true for each input signal. The condition is also true if there are no signals. This means that the everything signal behaves as universal quantification.

The output of a decider combinator may also use everything. When used the combinator will output all signals that pass the condition. The everything and anything signals are the only signals used in conditions that can make multiple signals pass a condition.


Anything can be used on the left side of conditions. The condition will be true when the condition is true for at least one signal. This means the anything signal behaves as existential quantification.


Each can only be used in left input side and output of decider and arithmetic combinators. The signal can only be used as output when also used as input. When used in both the input and output it makes a combinator perform its action on each input signal individually. The combinator will output the sum of each of the actions if only used in the input.