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Destroyer capsule

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Destroyer capsule/infobox

Destroyers being spawned and following the player.

Destroyer capsules are advanced and expensive capsules that, when thrown with the left mouse button, spawn five powerful Destroyer robots. The Destroyer robots have infinite laser energy and will follow the player, attacking any enemies that come within range, until they run out of health or their lifespans elapse.


Main article: Achievements

Destroyer capsules are directly connected to the following achievement:

Get 100 combat robots following you.


Follower robots will only loosely follow the player and are subject to inertia. This allows the player to 'swing' packs of Defender/Destroyer robots into enemy bases to damage enemy structures with less risk to himself. Launching Distractor capsules into the enemy base beforehand, as well as using the speed of the Car or Basic exoskeleton equipment can further reduce damage to the player.

Count Limit


The maximum number of active Destroyer robots is limited by the Follower robot count research. While using follower robots, the number of robots in use will be visible in an icon to the right of the quick-bar. Hovering over the icon with the cursor will show the types of robots and the currently researched maximum.


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