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Solid fuel

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Solid fuel.png
Solid fuel

Stack size


Fuel value

12 MJ (burner)

Vehicle acceleration


Vehicle top speed


Prototype type


Internal name


Required technologies

Oil processing (research).png

Produced by

Chemical plant.png

Consumed by

Chemical science pack.png
Rocket fuel.png

Used as fuel by

Burner inserter.png
Stone furnace.png
Steel furnace.png
Burner mining drill.png

Solid fuel is a kind of fuel and is processed in a chemical plant. One unit of solid fuel contains 12MJ of energy, three times the energy value of coal.

Besides being useful as fuel in all burner devices, solid fuel is also used to produce the chemical science pack and rocket fuel, which is a component of rocket parts built in the rocket silo.


Solid Fuel can be created from heavy oil, light oil or petroleum gas.

Process Input Output
Solid fuel from heavy oil.png
Heavy oil.png
Time icon.png
Solid fuel.png
Solid fuel from light oil.png
Light oil.png
Time icon.png
Solid fuel.png
Solid fuel from petroleum gas.png
Petroleum gas.png
Time icon.png
Solid fuel.png

Which solid fuel recipe to use

  • Light oil has the best oil to solid fuel ratio (10:1), and has little other in-game use, making it the best choice.
  • Heavy oil has a much worse ratio (20:1) and should be cracked into light oil first instead. The cracking process changes the ratio for heavy oil to 13:1, which is much better.
  • Petroleum gas also has a bad 20:1 ratio and should not be used to create solid fuel in most cases.

However, full tanks of heavy oil, light oil, or petroleum gas can back up and block the oil refinery from refining more crude oil. This can create a situation where, for example, you can't create petroleum gas because your heavy oil tanks are full. It's advisable to set up some solid fuel factories to relieve the pressure in cases like this, particularly once circuit networks have been researched and the factories can be switched on automatically once liquid levels reach a certain amount.


  • 0.15.0:
    • Fuel type now affects vehicle acceleration and top speed.

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