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This article is about Factorio's in-game tutorial. For community-created tutorials hosted on this wiki, see Tutorials.

The menu to enter the tutorial.

The tutorial is Factorio's equivalent of a story mode. The tutorial consists of pre-generated levels where the player must accomplish some preset tasks, such as obtaining a certain amount of resources or scanning the surroundings with radars. Upon level completion, a game finish report is given, similar to freeplay, where kills and completion time are tallied. Completing the tutorial is not necessary to play freeplay.

To start the tutorial, select Single player from the title screen, New game and then Tutorial in the Main game section.



In the first level, the player is tasked with mining some resources which are needed to craft and place a burner mining drill and a stone furnace.

Mining outpost

In the second level, the player is tasked with building some more furnaces and mining drills. They will encounter some small biters that they need to fight off. The end goal is to carry 150 iron plates, 50 copper plates and 75 coal in the player inventory.

Power plant

In the third, the player is tasked with completing an existing steam engine and boiler setup by placing an offshore pump, some pipes and small electric poles. Then, the player is tasked with building 3 radars and letting them scan 50 sectors as the final goal. During this, the player may get attacked by biters.

Science and automation

"Science and automation" is the fourth level of the tutorial.

Abandoned rail base

"Abandoned rail base" is the fifth and last level of the tutorial.

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