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This page lists community-provided tutorials for beginners to Factorio. Please feel free to add your own, or ones you feel would be useful to readers. Also feel free to remove outdated tutorials.

List of On-Wiki Tutorials

List of community tutorials

Note that due to the community-driven nature of this page, the videos cannot be reliably checked for quality.

Version Date Comment
Priority Splitters: Maximum Throughput off your Main Bus v0.15 2017-06-05 Single video about Priority Splitters
CaptainKonzept's Factorio Video Tutorials v0.13 2016-09-03 Video series about Circuit Logic, Smart Steam Power, Smart Oil Cracking, Smart Trains and more

Starting strategies

Main article: Tutorial:Quick start guide
Your starting items, iron plates, a burner mining drill and a stone furnace

As the player is spawned, they start with a small array of items: 8 iron plates, a burner mining drill and a stone furnace, using these tools the player will be able to cultivate nearby resources of coal, a type of fuel that can be used to power your Stone Furnace and Burner Mining Drills.

You can use the burner mining drill to mine nearby iron, copper and coal

Exploring the map

Whilst the map the player is dropped into is randomly generated at world creation, eventually exploring the map will prove vitally important to securing further resources, e.g. iron ore, copper ore.The map can be explored using a radar, or by searching the area using your character, though enemies may be a hazard for any explorers.