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The campaign gamemode is Factorio's equivalent of a story mode. Campaigns are pre-generated levels where the player must accomplish some preset task, such as scanning the surroundings, researching a certain technology, or providing a certain amount of resources into a chest. Upon completion, a game finish report is given, similar to freeplay, where kills and completion time are tallied. Completing the campaigns is not necessary to play freeplay.

Playing the campaign

To play a campaign, select Play from the title screen, then Start campaign. Select a campaign, and level, if applicable.

The menu to enter a Campaign.

The campaign will load, and instructions will be displayed to the player. Then, the player may complete the task. For an added challenge, attempt to complete the campaign as fast as possible.

Types of campaigns

There are a few different types of campaigns in Factorio. These types include:

First steps

You have just landed on the surface of an unknown planet. There is no one to help you. You need to learn how to craft your first tools and set up simple machines to ease your work. But beware, you are not alone...

New hope

You managed to locate the remains of a fallen ship. Now comes the hard part. In order to get started with any serious colonization of this planet you will need the data from the ship's computer. The computer will allow you to research more advanced technologies, as well as give you a better idea of the surrounding area. The bad news is that there seems to be a large alien base close to the shipwreck...

Transport belt madness

So many chests and such a small island. Can you connect the chests without your head spinning?

Tight spot

Little space, limited resources and a fixed amount of time. Buy land and machines and sell your final product.

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