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Transport belts being used to move iron ore from a mining drill to an inserter, which is then placing the ore into a furnace

The Transport network consists of:

The Transport Network is the primary means of moving items from one area to another. It is an essential component of any factory in the game.

Belt transport system

The Belt transport system is the main transport means in a base. It consists of 3 elements:

These come in 3 tiers of varying speed:

Speed (tiles/second) Transport belts Underground belts Splitters Needed research
~1.8 Basic transport belt Basic underground belt Basic splitter none
Fast transport belt.png
Fast transport belt
Fast underground belt Fast splitter Logistics 2
Express transport belt.png
Express transport belt
Express underground belt Express splitter Logistics 3

Learn more about the simulated physics of the belts, or how to optimize the flow of items.


Inserters will always place items on the far side of a belt, and will prefer to take items from the closest side.

Item Max power Description
Burner inserter 180 W (burner) Most basic inserter, needs burning fuel.
13 W Basic electric inserter.
Long handed inserter 18 W Basic inserter able to grab Items from 2 tiles distance.
Fast inserter 30 W Working at double speed.
Smart inserter.png
Smart inserter
40 W Able to connect to Circuit network and Logistic network, to specify working conditions. Can grab also specified item types only.


Inserters storing extra iron ore in wooden chests.

Chests are used to store items. Chests Storage/Stack like items together:

Item Max stacks Description
Wooden chest 16 Basic storage chest.
Iron chest 32 Larger basic chest.
Steel chest 48 Basic chest with maximum capacity of 48 stacks.
Smart chest.png
Smart chest
48 Connectable to Circuit network.
Active Provider chest 48 Used for Logistic network, Circuit network.
Passive Provider chest 48 Used for Logistic network, Circuit network.
Storage chest 48 Used for Logistic network, Circuit network.
Requester chest 48 Used for Logistic network, Circuit network.

Other entities with stacks

As said, stacks are needed to store items. Entities with stacks are


Storage is a concept, about storing enormous masses of items. Under normal circumstances, you don't need to store many items. Especially in the beginning game every item counts and that means, you should try to keep the ways short (belts store a serious amount of items) and don't use chests so much. Instead, you should keep the items in flow, pass them as fast as possible/affordable from production step to the next step to create higher leveled items, instead of storing it.

So, when speaking from storages, we mean concepts, which are really needed to keep the production in flow. Some of them work only together with Logistic network. Most used for:

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