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Fuel is every item that can be burned to provide energy to a burner structure. The Items differ in fuel value which is the provided energy portion.


A list of all Items usable as Fuel in burner devices ordered by fuel value.

Item Fuel value Fuel value per raw total
2 MJ 4 MJ per raw wood
Raw wood 4 MJ 4 MJ per raw wood
Wooden chest 6 MJ 3 MJ per raw wood
8 MJ 8 MJ per coal
Solid fuel 25 MJ 9.375 - 20 MJ per Crude oil *
Small electric pole 4MJ 4MJ per raw wood (introduced with v0.11.)

(*) The amount of Solid fuel per Crude oil depends on the kind of oil processing, cracking and which solid fuel recipes are used; 20 MJ are achieved by using Advanced Oil Processing and Heavy Oil Cracking, being the most efficient, while 9.375 MJ are achieved by using Basic Oil Processing, Heavy Oil Cracking and Light Oil Cracking, being the least efficient way. See Oil processing for details.

Burner devices to be fueled directly

Burner inserter
Stone furnace |- Steel furnace Diesel locomotive
Car |-
Burner mining drill

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