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| {{imagelink|inserter|普通机械臂}} || 13 W || 基础的电力机械臂.
| {{imagelink|inserter|普通机械臂}} || 13 W || 基础的电力机械臂.
| {{imagelink|long-handed-inserter|长机械臂}} || 18 W || 允许拾取位于第二[[tile|格]][[Items|物品]]的基础机械臂.
| {{imagelink|long-handed-inserter|长机械臂}} || 18 W || 允许拾取位于第二[[tile|格]][[Items|物品]]的基础机械臂.
| {{imagelink|fast-inserter|快速机械臂}} || 30 W || 双倍速度的电力臂.
| {{imagelink|fast-inserter|快速机械臂}} || 30 W || 双倍速度的电力臂.

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Transport belts being used to move iron ore from a mining drill to an inserter, which is then placing the ore into a furnace


物流系统可以自动地将物品由一处移动至另一处, 是自动化工厂的基本配置之一.


恰到好处地利用传送带系统是游戏的基本功. 传送带系统有三个部分:


速度 (/) 传送带 地下传送带 分离器 科技需求
~1.8 基础传送带 基础地下传送带 基础分离器 无要求
~3.6 快速分离器 快速地下传送带 快速分离器 物流学 2
~5.6 高速传送带 高速地下传送带 高速分离器 物流学 3




机械臂将会物品放到格子的远端, 并更青睐拾取格子近端的物品.

物品 最大功率 描述
燃烧机械臂 180 W (需要燃料) 最基础的机械臂, 需要燃烧燃料供能.
13 W 基础的电力机械臂.
长机械臂 18 W 允许拾取位于第二物品的基础机械臂.
快速机械臂 30 W 双倍速度的电力臂.
Smart inserter.png
40 W 允许与红绿线系统物流系统连接, 执行特定的抓取任务.


Inserters storing extra iron ore in wooden chests.

Chests are used to store items. Chests Storage/Stack like items together:

Item Max stacks Description
木制箱 16 Basic storage chest.
铁制箱 32 Larger basic chest.
钢制箱 48 Basic chest with maximum capacity of 48 stacks.
Smart chest.png
Smart chest
48 Connectable to Circuit network.
Active Provider chest 48 Used for Logistic network, Circuit network.
Passive Provider chest 48 Used for Logistic network, Circuit network.
被动存货箱(黄箱) 48 Used for Logistic network, Circuit network.
优先集货箱(蓝箱) 48 Used for Logistic network, Circuit network.

Other entities with stacks

As said, stacks are needed to store items. Entities with stacks are


Storage is a concept, about storing enormous masses of items. Under normal circumstances, you don't need to store many items. Especially in the beginning game every item counts and that means, you should try to keep the ways short (belts store a serious amount of items) and don't use chests so much. Instead, you should keep the items in flow, pass them as fast as possible/affordable from production step to the next step to create higher leveled items, instead of storing it.

So, when speaking from storages, we mean concepts, which are really needed to keep the production in flow. Some of them work only together with Logistic network. Most used for:

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