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Refer to the Roadmap/Coming Releases for the future. Please refer also to the Version History, which include also much more details about the changes.

Factorio 0.12 (July 2015)

  • Multiplayer enhancements (lag hiding, better pvp/forces support, IPv6 support, DNS names).
  • First part of the endgame content. (Build rocket and send it to space).
  • Chain signals (trains).
  • Combinator and more circuit logic.
  • Personal roboport.
  • Logistic trash fields.
  • First part of nature destruction by pollution (only tree related now).
  • First part of new ambient music update.
  • Optimization of the game simulation speed.
  • New graphics of combat robots.
  • Buildable floors. (concrete + stone)
  • Attempt of steam integration.

Factorio 0.11 (31. October 2014)

  • Multiplayer for the brave ones.
  • New player graphics (3 versions depending on armor and colored depending on the player color).
  • The first (simple) instance of a tank.
  • Gates.
  • VRAM saving optimization.

Factorio 0.10 (June 2014)

  • Finish the trailer. This is a #1 priority now :) Together with this we will work on presentation (finish new logo, new forum skin, new screenshots on web, credits page in the game).
  • Functional replays. This will be a side-effect of multiplayer efforts.
  • Factory sound background. Entities in the game will have specific sounds that play when player is near.

Factorio 0.9 (February 2013)

  • Blueprints.
  • Oil/Chemicals industry.
  • Biomes and doodads.

Factorio 0.8 (released at the beginning of December 2013)

  • Standard Campaign rework.
  • New terrain.
  • Repairing robots (can reconstruct buildings as well)
  • Roboport
  • Map Editor rework

Factorio 0.7 (released in september 2013)

  • Improved Combat mechanics and modular armors.
  • Pollution.
  • More enemy variety and intelligent enemy behavior.
  • Moddable weapons and attacks.

Factorio 0.6 (released in august 2013)

  • Better looking terrain.
  • Improvements to the map generator.
  • Map of discovered part of the world.
  • Speed improvements (multithreading).

Factorio 0.5 (released in June 2013)

  • Automatic Factorio updater
    • no need for manual download anymore
  • Usability improvements
    • better visualisation for building railroads
    • electricity statistics
    • fixes of ongoing bugs
    • loads of small improvements (things like alt info for wagons, easier semaphore building, etc.)
  • Graphics Gui rework
    • the design for the new gui is ready and now it will be implemented
  • Railroads improvements
    • Train path finding uses signals for path recalculation
    • Train can go backwards (when having locomotives on both ends)
    • different Train stops can be merged into one station
  • God mode
    • play without the character

Factorio 0.4 (released in May 2013)

  • Game determinism and replay
    • This is a first step towards the multiplayer
    • Involves the replay functionality improvements (pause, fast forward, etc.)
  • First version of the scenario pack
    • There will be three scenarios to start with
  • Trains
    • Originally a stretch goal however we got a lot of requests for this
    • There is already some functionality for the trains in the game and we want to finish it
  • Electricity improvements
    • Accumulator entity
    • Large electric pole
    • Electric substation