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Mining is used to extract resources from the world. Mining drills are the first step to automating manufacture, although most resources have to be smelted in a furnace for further usage.

Mining speed formula

The rate at which resources are produced is given by:

Mining speed / Mining time = Production rate (in resource/sec)

To calculate the time needed for one resource-item use this formula:

Mining time / Mining speed = Seconds for one resource item

Mining speed is a function of the miner while mining time is a function of the metal or mineral you are currently mining (you can place a miner over a mixed field).

Mining by hand

When mining by hand, the formula is modified slightly:

(1 + Mining Speed Modifier) * .5 / Mining time = Production rate (in resource/sec)

Infinite resources

The output of the unmodified resource is the percentage yield of the tile currently used by the miner.

  Output of unmodified field * ( Number of modules in miner * Bonus from module ) + Output of unmodified field * ( Number of beacons * ( Number of modules * Distribution efficiency ) * Bonus from module + Productivity research bonus + 1 ) = Raw output per second 
   (Raw output per second * Mining speed) / Mining time = Production rate (in resource/sec)

The mining drill or pumpjack will sum the production rate of all tiles below it and show that value in the tooltip.

Drill types

Item Total raw Mining speed Mining power Covered area Max health
Hand icon.png
- 0.5 - 1 × 1 250
Burner mining drill.png
Burner mining drill
Iron plate.png
0.25 150 kW (burner) 2 × 2 150
Electric mining drill.png
Electric mining drill
Iron plate.png
Copper plate.png
0.5 90 kW (electric) 5 × 5 300

Note, that the Burner mining drill covers exactly its size (2×2, the covered area is also 2×2), while the Electric mining drill is one tile bigger (size is 3×3, but covered area is 5×5).

Mining drills can only be placed on resources.


Resource Burner M. Drill Electric M. Drill
Speed: 0.25 Speed: 0.5
Iron Time: 1
Iron ore.png
Iron ore.png
Copper Time: 1
Copper ore.png
Copper ore.png
Coal Time: 1
Stone Time: 1
Uranium Time: 2
Uranium ore.png

Unlike most other equipment, mining drills will output resources directly without the need of inserters. This includes transport belts, chests, other mining drills, furnaces, assembling machines etc.

The above figures are modified by Mining productivity technology, which adds to any bonus from productivity modules.

Burner drill to chest.png Burner drill to furnace.png