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Blueprint library

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The blueprint library GUI.

The blueprint library is a virtual inventory that can be used to store and share any blueprint-like items, including blueprint books, blueprints, deconstruction planners and upgrade planners. It can be opened by clicking the ( Blueprint library button.png ) button above the minimap or using a keyboard shortcut, B by default.

Two libraries are available at any given moment, each occupies its own tab in the blueprint library GUI:

  • "My blueprints" is the player's personal blueprint library. It is shared across all saves games and not shared with any players in multiplayer.
  • "Game blueprints" is the library bound to the current save file. In multiplayer, it is shared across all the players of a force.

Besides being a convenient place to share and organize blueprints, the library provides free unlimited inventory space just for them. That space is also safe from accidents: Blueprints and books are normal items, so they can be destroyed e.g. by destroying a chest they are in (by biter attack or careless tank driving), which is not possible for blueprints kept in the library.

Any blueprint or book in the library can be placed in the quickbar, including the ones nested in blueprint books. This allows conveniently using individual blueprints and books without removing them from the specific books located in the blueprint library. Note that this creates a shortcut to the blueprint in the library, so changes to the blueprint via the quickbar are reflected in the library. If this is not desired, the blueprint (book) can be copied in its GUI. All blueprints in the libraries are always accessible to be used from the quickbar or directly from the library, where they are returned upon clearing the cursor (Q).


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