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Upcoming features

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This is a list of planned additions and changes that will be part of future stable versions of Factorio's current major release 0.17. [1]

Stable 3 features (experimental released November 04th 2019; 0.17.75)

  • New tooltips [2]
  • Construction robot tile batching [3]
  • Lua even filtering [4]
  • New gui icons, such as new alert icons

Planned features after initial release

  • Final looks and behaviour of new GUI screens as they will be finished [5] [6]
  • Better sounds [12] [13]
  • HR icons [14] [15] [16]
  • Improved color-scheme for the game using post-processing [17]
    • Brighter day
    • More contrast for map colors
    • Night is "blue and cold" instead of being overlayed with a black layer
    • Mods will have to adjust their sprites, script for that provided in the FFF

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