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Template:Machinery The Roboport is the home for all Robots. It also spawns an area of 50x50, in which the robots can fly.

  • The orange square represents the reach of logistics network where logistics robots can move.
  • The green square represents the extent of construction network where construction robots can repair, construct or remove structures.

Roboports have also 4 chargers, which are used to recharge the flying bots.

Two or more roboports can build a robotic network, if the borders of the covered areas connect.


A Roboport contains 7 slots reserved for robots, and another 7 for repair packs. You can insert robots and repair packs with an inserter. While seemingly useful, a repair pack inside a roboport is reserved for the robots inside the roboport. Repair packs are better stored inside a logistics storage chest where they can be used by all robots in the logistics network.

Power usage

The Roboport needs ~200 kW of energy when idle, but can use up to ~2 MW when charging bots.

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