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Application directory

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Depending on your installation method and OS, you will have one or two directories that contain Factorio assets.

Application directory

The application directory stores three things:

  • Factorio executables (./bin)
  • Data for vanilla Factorio (./data)
  • API documentation

User Data directory

The save directory is where user-personal files are stored, such as world saves. A list of all things found here:

  • Save games (as zip files)
  • User-installed/created Mods.
  • User-installed/created scenarios.
  • User configuration and settings storage
  • Log File (factorio-*.log)
  • Player data (player-data.json)

Note: Deleting the configuration file will result in a default replacement being generated upon the next Factorio launch.

It is recommended to create backups from this directory (of saves, config, etc) before installing a new version, or installing mods.

Directory locations by OS and installation method


Installation via Steam

Application directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Factorio

User data directory:


Installation by Zip-package

Application directory and User data directory will be the location to which Factorio was unpacked.

For example, if you unpacked the zip to:
Then your saves can be found in:
and mods in:

Installation via native Installer

Application directory:


User data directory:



Installation via Steam

Application directory:

/Users/<replace with your username>/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Factorio/

Installation via Installer

The application should be by default installed in the Apps-folder.

Whereas the data is stored under

/users/<replace with your username>/Library/Application Support/factorio

Which is equivalent to

~/Library/Application Support/factorio

You can type in this into the Finder (press SHIFT-COMMAND-G for goto folder) and put in exactly this line.' Or you can use in Finder the 'Find a folder' and write '~/Library/Application Support' (See Can't find Mods folder).

The factorio internal application-data can be found (when you have installed it) in


Same directory structure as in Application support.


Data is stored under ~/.factorio.

Installation via Steam

Data is stored under ~/.factorio.

Changing the application directory

You can create a file config-path.config to configure Factorio to any directory.

Please see this discussion (for MacOS, but should work on any other OS).

In order to change the application directory, user must edit the location of the "write-data" entry in the file __Game_Install_directory/config/config.ini. This affects the location of mods, scenario and temp.

If you want to move only the location of your save files you can change the the save directory using symlinks but this still means that all users of the computer will share the same data, including settings.


Update __Game_Install_directory/config-path.cfg


Update __Game_Install_directory/config/config.ini


You could set the write-data value to .factorio if you prefer.

Once you have done this, you can remove write permissions to the entire game installation directory except for config/config.ini, which must be writable by all people who wish to play the game.

Note that if someone changes any options, in-game, those option changes will apply to everyone who plays on the same computer.

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