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Tutorial:Modding tutorial

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These tutorials range from teaching the first steps of modding to in-depth explanations of individual mechanics:

  • Modding tutorial/Gangsir — A simple modding tutorial that suits beginners well.
  • Mod structure — More details on how mods need to be structured in order to be loaded by the game.
  • Scripting — A small tutorial that focuses on run-time scripting and provides some info on how to use the story script.
  • Mod settings — A comprehensive tutorial about how to create and use mod settings.
  • Localisation — A tutorial about how to format and use localisation, which is how mods are translated.
  • Inspecting a live mod — An annotated tour of a mod that is live on the mod portal right now.
  • Mod changelog format — The formatting requirements for the mod changelog.txt file.
  • Script interfaces — A small tutorial about script interfaces (LuaRemote) and custom keyboard shortcuts.
  • Noise Expressions — A tutorial about generating terrain, complete with example mod.
  • Untitled GUI Guide — A tutorial about building custom interfaces that also expands into more advanced parts of GUI modding.
  • Controller modding guide / FAQ — A guide about building your mod to support controllers (game pads).

Additional info

Third-Party Tools

There is a wide variety of tools contributed by community members to help in mod development, such as plugins for IDEs to provide auto-completion, debuggers, as well as scripts to automate common tasks regarding translations or packaging.

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