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See Download and Installation.

  • Where are files for Factorio stored?

See Application Directory.


32 or 64 bit

To determine which category you fall into, use the search function from the start menu to look for "system information" and open it. Find System Type. This tell you if your system is a x32 or x64 based system. Almost all modern PCs are 64 bit. If you have more than 4GB of RAM, your computer is definitely 64bit.

After downloading you simply start the installer, which does the rest.

Installer or Zip-Package

This part is up to you. If you want install factorio like you would any other game from a disk or download, then get the EXE installer for your given system. This can be run to install Factorio directly into your operating system's list of programs.

Otherwise, you can choose to get the zip package, which you can extract normally, and then play the game straight from that folder. This can also be copied to any USB device and be played from there directly, making it a portable install. Modders can also use this to have multiple installs of Factorio.


For MacOS you download just a .dmg file. You can use that in two ways:

  • Drag the downloaded dmg into the Applications-folder. This is the recommended way.
  • Because a dmg is nothing than a special Zip, you can extract it and start the binary from there. This is not really recommended, cause the application directory does not change.


32 bit or 64 bit

1. Download the "Generic Linux tar package" for 32 or 64 bit.

To determine if your distribution is 64 or 32 bit:

Simpler way for UBUNTU users:

  1. Click System Menu (gear at top right corner)
  2. Click "About this Computer"
  3. Read "OS type" field: 64 bit OS will read "64-bit"

Universal way for all Linux users:

  1. Start Terminal (CTRL+ALT+T)
  2. Type uname -m command and ENTER
  3. If you see "x86_64" its 64 bit, if you see "i686", "i586" or lower its 32 bit.

After determining this, download the correct package, then:

  1. Extract the tar archive (right click->extract)
  2. Run the executable at bin/i386/factorio (or bin/x64/factorio)
  3. (Optional) You can add Factorio icon to your launcher. See below.

How to add Factorio icon to my system launcher?


Ubuntu, Debian, ElementaryOS

  • Open terminal and type gedit ~/.local/share/applications/factorio.desktop
  • Text editor opens and you type this text in it. Just replace "/home/jirka/factorio/" with your path where you extracted TARs and replace x64 with i386 in case you have 32 bit version.
 [Desktop Entry]
  • Don't forget to save the file when you close the text editor

Note: you can save a copy of this file anywhere you'd like to make a shortcut. eg. you could save the file to ~/Desktop/factorio.desktop to create a clickable shortcut on your desktop.

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