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Team production is an official Scenario mode where teams compete on randomised tasks including item production or research. The scenario can be played either in single player or Multiplayer mode.


The scenario can be found at the new game creation screen (to reach it, navigate Main menu / Single player / New game or Main menu / Multiplayer / Host new game).

When the Play button is pressed, the game starts immediately.

Preparation phase

Preparation phase

Once the scenario is started, there is a 60 second countdown while other participants may join the game (in multiplayer). Anyone can be only spectator by clicking the Join spectators button at the top left corner of the screen. While the preparation phase lasts, there are no players and maps.

When the initial timer is up, the first round starts.


There are a total of 5 rounds, and each round is usually more complex than the previous one. (Is this correct?)

In each round, all participants:

  • get a reset map,
  • have to complete a randomly selected task (all participants have the same task),
  • receive a starter pack of items (in their inventory) and may get an Armor with equipments (e.g. Personal roboport).

Participants are competing to be the first to finish the current task, since the amount of points received at the end of a round depends on the required time to finish the task.

After the last round, another "5 round batch" begins, so the scenario will basically never end.


A possible task of Round 1

A task can be either production or research (NOTE: I haven't met the latter yet; do they really exist?) and can vary in requested amount and complexity. Production tasks can be completed by getting the required items into one of the Red chests in one of the technical areas.


Bottom technical area of the grassy map, with Plastic bar income

There are two kinds of map for this scenario: the smaller grassy and the bigger desert.

At the beginning of each round the type of the current map is decided by the game, then each players gets a copy of the selected map (grassy or desert). Both maps contain the followings:

  • Two "technical" areas (one on top/middle and one on bottom/middle) those:
  • some Fish

Comparison of maps

Grassy map Desert map
Size 90x90 110x110
284k 1.0M + 76k + 24k
(Total: 1.1M)
Iron ore.png
Iron ore
1.0M 380k + 259k + 221k
(Total: 860k)
Copper ore.png
Copper ore
363k 1.1M + 217k
(Total: 1317k)
251k 139k
Wood from Trees
(if chopped)
788 34
Big rock.png
Big rock
0 2
Enough for
1 Offshore pump
Enough for
~21 Offshore pumps
Crude oil.png
Crude oil
Uranium ore.png
Uranium ore

The grassy map also have some decorations:

  • 3 Small shipwrecks right to the bottom technical area
  • 1 empty Large shipwreck with 3 slots at the top right corner (these can be used as storage but doing so does not make much sense)

Maps of players are next to each other with an empty (impenetrable) hole of 6 tiles. Can you do anything on the other map?