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Exemple de pollution (carré rouge) sur la carte

Pollution is represented as an abstract "butt", calculated per chunk and visible on the minimap and Map, when Alternative view is on (default Alt-Key).

It is produced by many buildings involved in processing items and spreads outwards at a steady rate.

Native life

  • Pollution attracts Biters to your factory. Biters who find themselves in a polluted area will attempt to reach the source of pollution and destroy it.
  • Spawners absorb pollution, but this increases their evolution-factor.

Pollution dissipation

  • slowly (0.6 units per tick) at every Chunk (32x32) of map it covers. So the more the pollution spreads, the more is absorbed.
  • Trees also absorb some pollution.
  • Spawners absorb some pollution, but this will increase Difficulty by rising the Evolution factor.
  • In certain Mods it is possible to build devices or trees which reduce pollution.


Modules that list "+x% pollution" increase pollution multiplier, not a flat pollution rate. Final pollution value is (pollution multiplier * energy usage multiplier * base pollution), meaning heavily boosted buildings are likely to account for most of the pollution produced in a factory.

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