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#REDIRECT [[Factorio:Editor noticeboard]]
Be sure to check the '''[[Talk:Wiki To-do List|Talk page]]''' to join in the discussion on major wiki projects!
== General Maintenence ==
These items should be checked over periodically to ensure a well organized wiki. Color coding shows how badly each needs to be done. White has been checked in the last week, green in the last two weeks, yellow in the last month, and red more than a month ago.
<span style="font-size: 11px">NOTE: ''After completely checking over an item, please update the date for the StatusDecay template with the current date. However if work remains for that item just leave the old date.''</span>
* {{StatusDecay|May 15 2014}} Expand and improve [[:Category:Article stubs]].
* {{StatusDecay|April 1 2014}} Review [[:Category:Candidates for deletion]], can page be expanded or merged?
* {{StatusDecay|April 1 2014}} Create [[Special:WantedPages]] or correct links which should go to pages that already exist.
* {{StatusDecay|April 1 2014}} Find pages and categories that [[Special:LonelyPages]] should be linked from or included in.
* {{StatusDecay|April 1 2014}} Check over [[Special:AncientPages]] to make sure they are still relevant and up to date.
* {{StatusDecay|April 1 2014}} Check any [[Special:NewPages]] to make sure they're both informative '''and''' relevant.
* {{StatusDecay|April 1 2014}} Check [[Special:UncategorizedPages]], try to put every page into at least one category. Don't create new categories for only one or two pages.
* {{StatusDecay|April 1 2014}} Check [[Special:UncategorizedFiles]], same concept as pages.
== Special Projects ==
These are items which can be "checked off" once completed, and are not recurring.
# Standardize alternate language pages. Perhaps different languages should have their own namespaces.
# Go through existing Categories to make sure the structure makes sense and is cohesive.
# Create a [[Quick Start Guide]] to help players to go from beginning to advanced.
== Completed Items ==
Things that are done!

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