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Welcome to the Official Factorio Wiki! Now that you have an account, there are a few key places on this Wiki that will be helpful in your efforts to improve it. First and foremost, please be sure to read and understand the rules of this Wiki. If you have any questions or concerns with these rules, please don't hesitate to ask an Admin. Secondly, if you're new to editing Wikis and are unfamiliar with MediaWiki's formatting, please be sure to read the help pages. If you're unsure where to begin, please see the editor noticeboard, where information on the current objectives and projects of the Wiki may be found. Again, welcome, we hope you contribute as much high quality information as you can. (Gangsir) (talk) - Admin 20:42, 1 May 2017 (UTC)

Formatting and EquipNav

Hey, I'm the other active admin. I saw your questions on Gangsir's talk page. The page titles should be bolded when they are used in the page text, though don't overdo it, bold just the first/first few uses. This means that the Wooden chest page does it right and the Land mine page does it wrong. You should put spaces between the header equal signs and the header text, although this is not visible on the page itself, so don't worry too much about it. The EquipNav template is indeed redundant. It is part of the old navigation organization that should no longer be used. You can find the currently used Navboxes on Factorio:Navigation. -- Bilka (talk) - Admin 17:35, 2 May 2017 (UTC)