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(Remark: Wiki formatting and actual content is coming much later. Currently just brainstorming for the content and content structure)

Circuit network tutorial
1. General
(Explain the general idea for what the network can be used)

1.1. Get information: Red and green wire
- connect wire to activate circuit network functionality
- show the network numbering
- show the 3 different ways how to see current values by hovering with the mouse

1.2. Decide and do something: Conditions
- Lamp
- a gauge with lamps
- show how red+green is added

1.3. On what to decide: Signals and virtual signals
- colored lamp

1.4. More than just adding numbers: Combinators
(don't repeat the 3 combintor articles. Instead, explain what combinator can be used for which challenge or task, and what magic the * signals can do)
Filters, multiply by -1
May be only basic explanations here. Advanced explanations to 5.x/6.x. Not sure what is still basic and what is already advanced.
- colored lamp
- how to use the constant combinator with negative values as helper for conditions

2. Explain usage of items w/ examples
(List every item that can be connected. Explain what can be read as information out of the item and what kind of control can be exercised on that item and how input and output can be separated from each other)
2.1. Belts
2.2. Inserters
2.3. etc.

3. Circuit network and Logistic network together
3.1. Logistic network is some kind of 3rd wire
3.2. Reading logistic network content
remark: don't create a loop
3.3. Setting logistic chest filters from circuit network

4. Simple standard usage examples
(may be completely obsolete and already included in 2.x)

5. Simple combinator examples
(show simple examples that use 1 combinator to handle complex conditions with more than 1 input)

6. Advanced combinator usage
(show examples that use structures with more than 1 combinator)
6.1. Counters
6.2. Clocks
6.3. Latches
6.4. Binary operations
6.5. Real factory examples for Counters, clocks, latches, binary operations, etc.