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self notes

  • U shape bus (vertical length contraction)
  • Bus ratio according to transport density
  • Liquid bus - sulfur, lubricants, batteries on site?
  • Underground templating; width of sector (4/6/12)

3-input methods

  • Engine unit and advanced circuit - especially as they have longer mfg times than inserter
  • long handed (easiest, even if a 4th lane isn't necessary)
  • braided underground belt (blueprints may help with placement)
  • direct insertion (eg gear wheels -- input-throughput intensive)
  • multiple sides of assembler (typical for inserter/green science but does not typically scale as well)

Direct insertion

This mechanic is a consequence of object to object transport throughput which is higher than with a belt (say object to belt), due to the inserter picking up and dropping off the stack instantanously without waiting for belt space (see Inserters#Inserter_Throughput). In certain high-throughput situations direct insertion can lead to higher throughput than using belts. Examples may include copper wires (3x used when making green circuitboards or 6 per sec), green circuits (2 per sec, in turn when making blue circuits).

This is sometimes done with steel plates due to similar times (5x3.2s = 16s for the five iron, compared to 15s for the steel recipe crafttime) but this is generally due to space-saving than throughput.