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The Factorio Mod Portal is a free service run by Wube to allow the release and distribution of Factorio mods to players. Any user with a licensed copy of Factorio and an account on can upload their own mod creations with ease.

This page is meant to give mod creators a rundown on how to access and use the different features of the mod portal.

Creating an Account

To create an account on the mod portal, you simply need to log into it with your account. In order to access the Portal's functionality, you must have a verified purchase (either done through the Factorio website, or through a linked Steam account), once you have that, you will have full access to downloading and submitting mods through the portal.

Submitting your Mod

Verifying your mod is ready for upload

(See article: Mod:File_Structure)

In order to submit your mod to the Mod Portal, you should verify that it has the required folder structure and files.

The mod should be in a zip file, named with the syntax of {mod-name}_{version_number}.zip, and within the root directory of the mod, there should be a folder with the same name (minus the .zip).

Within that folder will be where all your mod's files and (other) folders will go, such as your info.json, data.lua, and control.lua. Your mod might have more files than that, such as a folder for prototypes, a LICENSE file, or a folder for locale but that is not the focus of this tutorial.

If you wish for your mod to have a thumbnail on the mod portal, then you should also include a thumbnail.png image as well.

Here is an example directory structure for a mod titled myArmorMod with a version number of 0.3.6:

It is also recommended that you include a plaintext file called LICENSE to hold a copy of your mod's copyright license in case it gets distributed outside of the Mod Portal.

Uploading your mod

To upload your mod to the Mod Portal, go to Create New Mod page (accessible through "Submit Mod" on every page). On this page, you will find:

Section Info
Releases Opens a file upload dialog to select your mod's zip
Gallery Add images of your mod in action to show potential users (optional)
Description A description of your mod, what it adds, and any other useful info
Category What type of mod you are submitting, e.g. "Helper Mod", "Armor", "General"
License License of your mod's codebase, should be the same as what you have in your LICENSE file
Github path Location of the mod's github repo if it has one ``(optional)``

Once you have properly filled out those sections, press "Submit" and congrats on releasing your mod! It should diseminate to the in-game Mod Portal after about 5 minutes.

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