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Multiplayer Admin Features

Every multiplayer game has at least one Admin user. When a multiplayer game is started from the game's GUI, this is the person who created the multiplayer game. On a headless server, the game can start with several Admins by editing the <server-settings.json> (link needed) file.

Admin users have several abilities that regular users do not. Most of these are invoked through console commands (link to console commands). Others are invoked through the Permissions GUI (link needed)

Console Commands for player management

Where <player> is used, you should type the name of a player. Where a / is used between < and > braces this indicates a list of options that can be used. Anywhere else where the < and > braces are used, you may type any text.

Print a list of game admins


Ban a player.

/ban <player> <reason>
The <reason> is stored where?

To manage the banned list

/banlist <add/remove/get/clear> <player>
add - is the same as /ban <player> <reason>
remove - is the same as /unban <player>
get - prints a list of banned players
clear - unbans all banned players

Print a list of banned players (is the same as /banlist get)


Delete the blueprint library storage for the player (if offline) from the save file.

/delete-blueprint-library <player>
If instead of <player>, you type "everybody confirm" (without the quotation marks) the blueprint libraries of every offline player will be removed

Demote a player from being an admin

/demote <player>

Forcibly disconnect a player from the server but do not ban them

/kick <player> <reason>
The <reason> is stored where?

Open another player's inventory

/open <player>

Promote a player to admin

/promote <player>
Clear all the messages by a player from the chat log
/purge <player>

Swap player characters

/swap-players <player1> <player2>
If player2 is empty, swaps your character with the given players character
If player2 is not empty, swaps the two player characters

Unban a player

/unban <player>

Whitelist management. If the whitelist is not empty, only players in the whitelist can join the game. On headless servers, a pre-defined whitelist can be added to <server-settings-json> check this.

/whitelist <add/remove/get/clear> <player>
add - Adds the player to a whitelist
remove - Removes the player from the whitelist
get - prints the whitelist
clear - empties the whitelist. Any player can join the game.

Console Commands for server and game management

/config /measured-command /perf-avg-frames /server-save /silent-command /toggle-heavy-mode

The Permissions System

In multiplayer, factorio has a system that allows:

  • Groups to created
  • Permissions to be assigned to groups
  • Players to be placed in one of the groups

In game, the permissions system GUI is accessed at the console by admins only


This opens the permissions system GUI. (Click on the thumbnail for the full size version, which takes you away from this page.)

[[File:Permissionsgui.PNG|320px|none|left|link={{filepath:Permissionsgui.PNG}}|The Main Permissions GUI. Click for full size image]]

At the start of a multiplayer game, all players, including admins, are placed in a default group called 'default'. New players who join a multiplayer server are placed in the default group (unless any mods place them in a different group). The default group has all permissions enabled at the start of a new multiplayer game.

At this point, with the permissions GUI open, groups can be removed, added, cloned or edited by clicking on one of the icons in the top left of the GUI.

Note: The default group cannot be removed, but it can be edited.

Selecting a group from the list and clicking on the 'Edit selected group' icon opens the permission settings gui. (Click on the thumbnail for the full size version, which takes you away from this page.)

[[File:Permissionsettings.PNG|239px|none|left|link={{filepath:Permissionsettings.PNG}}|The Permissions settings GUI. Click for full size image]]

The permissions are listed in the GUI in the alphabetic order of their defines.action-item.<name> rather than grouping according to what parts of the game are affected. In this GUI, there is no localisation, and English is always used (as at version 0.16.25)

This is slightly misleading, as some of the permissions presented in the in-game GUI, are only available to admins, regardless of the group. Other permissions do not affect how a player interacts with the online game, but are used by mods to establish whether certain events will be received by players.

Tip: Use the search system in the GUI to find permissions that belong together. Use searches like 'research', 'craft', 'blueprint', 'train', 'station', 'signal', 'combinator', 'deconstruct'.

By creating groups, assigning permissions to groups, and placing players into those groups, it is possible to give players different roles in a multiplayer game. Examples include (but are limited to):

  • Spectators. Players who can only walk and not interact in any other may with the map
  • Train drivers. Players who can lay rails, signals, stations, connect and disconnect rolling stock, and give train orders
  • Scientists. Start, and cancel research
  • Architects. Design, import, export and place blueprints
  • Anti-grief. Disable player permissions to mine, and limit the use of the deconstruction planner to be rocks and trees only

Chatting with other players