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This bot was created by Bilka. The scripts used by this bot can be found on github and here on the wiki. Analytics, new version, new fff and redirects are automatically ran. If there is desire to run them manually, the python scripts can be found on the linked github page.

Bot functions:


  • Update recipe, expensive-recipe, total-raw and expensive-total-raw for items (wiki-recipes-totals-0.x.x.txt)
  • Update consumers, stack-size and required-technologies for items (wiki-items-0.x.x.txt)
  • Update technologies: Cost, cost multiplier, expensive cost multiplier, required technologies, allows, and effects (wiki-technologies-0.x.x.txt)
  • Do all of the above updates at once and set the version for the summaries
  • Update tech internal names (wiki-tech-names-0.x.x.txt)
  • Update prototype type and internal name for items, equipment, and recipes (wiki-types-0.x.x.txt)
  • Update entity healths (wiki-entities-health-0.x.x.txt)


  • Change links going to a redirect to directly go to the page the redirect redirects to.
  • Console.log the number of users who have ever made an edit
  • TEST
  • FIX