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This bot was created by Bilka. The scripts used by this bot can be found on github and here on the wiki.

Bot functions:


  • Update recipe, expensive-recipe, total-raw and expensive-total-raw for items (wiki-recipes-totals-0.x.x.txt)
  • Update consumers, stack-size and required-technologies for items (wiki-items-0.x.x.txt)
  • Update technologies: Cost, cost multiplier, expensive cost multiplier, required technologies, allows, and effects (wiki-technologies-0.x.x.txt)
  • Do all of the above updates at once and set the version for the summaries
  • Update tech internal names (wiki-tech-names-0.x.x.txt)
  • Update prototype type and internal name for items, equipment, and recipes (wiki-types-0.x.x.txt)
  • Update entity healths (wiki-entities-health-0.x.x.txt)