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The prototype docs have moved to a new website with an improved format. This documentation page can now be found here: https://lua-api.factorio.com/latest/types/SpriteVariations.html

This wiki page is no longer updated and will be removed at some point in the future, so please update your browser bookmarks or other links that sent you here. If you'd like to contribute to the new docs, you can leave your feedback on the forums.

Either specified by a list (array) of Types/Sprite definitions, using #sheet, or this is loaded as a Types/Sprite with the extra properties listed in #sheet.



Type: Types/Sprite

A sprite. Does not use the slice[_*] or dice[_*] properties. Has the following extra optional properties:


pictures =
          filename = "__base__/graphics/entity/decorative/green-carpet-grass/green-carpet-grass-01.png",
          width = 105,
          height = 73
          filename = "__base__/graphics/entity/decorative/green-carpet-grass/green-carpet-grass-02.png",
          width = 185,
          height = 164

Prototype properties that use this type