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A Types/table (array) of types/string. The possible strings are listed below.


Whether the logistics areas of roboports should be drawn when holding this item. Used for example by the deconstruction planner.


Item will not appear in lists of all items such as those for logistics requests, filters, etc.


Always show the item in selection lists (item filter, logistic request etc.) even when locked recipe for that item is present.


Item will not appear in the bonus gui.


Item will not appear in the tooltips shown when hovering over a burner inventory with the fuel category the item is in.


The item can never be stacked.




Only works for Prototype/SelectionTool and derived classes.
This property corresponds to the following event in the lua api: defines.events.on_mod_item_opened


Item is deleted when removed from the cursor by pressing Q (clear cursor). Used for example by the copy paste tools.