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Determining internal buffer energy capacity

This is my first edit to this wiki and I have found no guidelines on how we handle experimental data. If there is an established way to go about this, please inform me! For the time being, below I have detailed how I calculated the personal roboport mk2 internal buffer energy capacity in patch 0.17.11.

To determine the size of the buffer I put 4 fusion reactors and 3 personal battery mk2 into my power armour. I add 1 roboport mk2 to the armour and measure the time taken to fill up the electricity bar on the roboport. Doing this 5 times and averaging the time gives 13.46 seconds. While measuring I had about 45 UPS so I calculate the average time at 60 UPS as 13.46 * (45/60) = 10.095 seconds. The internal buffer recharge rate is listed as 3.5 MW (or 3.5 MJ/s) so 3.5 * 10.095 = 35.3325 MJ.

As a second approach I put 3 personal battery mk2 in the power armour, charge them fully and remove everything but the batteries. I then add a roboport mk2, let it charge fully, then remove it. Repeating this until the batteries are depleted I count that the roboport was able to charge fully approximately 8.55 times. The last .55 was estimated by measuring the electricity bar on my screen with a ruler. A personal battery mk2 has a listed capacity of 100 MJ, so the capacity of the roboport mk2 is calculated as (3 * 100) / 8.55 = 35.08 MJ.

Rounding to two significant figures it seems that the personal roboport mk2 internal buffer is 35 MJ.

--Ecen (talk) 13:54, 13 March 2019 (UTC)

The data is completely fine, the lua files included in the game show the buffer capacity to be 35 MJ exactly. Thank you for adding it -- Bilka (talk) - Admin 14:00, 13 March 2019 (UTC)