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Надо ещё этот кусок перевести и воткнуть в "Интересные факты":

  • In the real world, Uranium-235 is the only fissile isotope of uranium and makes up approximately 0.72% of naturally-occurring uranium, with the other 99.28% being Uranium-238. The in-game representation is thus highly accurate in this regard. Uranium is commonly enriched in centrifuges to increase the percentage of 235U for use in fission reactions.
    • Uranium munitions are made from depleted uranium, a byproduct of uranium enrichment, which is mostly 238U whose natural admixture of the 235U isotope has been lowered even further through the enrichment process. Depleted uranium is minimally radioactive and the reason for its use in munitions is its very high density and other mechanical properties, not radioactivity / toxicity.