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I edited "Electric Mining Drill/Infobox" to update the number of items generated per second, but the edit was not reflected on this page. I don't know enough wiki syntax to know how to fix this.

Mining speed and output

The info box is wrong, the mining speed is 0.5, and the unit is not relevant, but it would likely be in items. 0.525 items/sec is the mining drill output of a fully powered drill on copper, iron and coal, but is twice as small for uranium, and greater for stone (0.65 items/sec) as shown here : I don't know how to edit the infobox so can't make the change, if someone can integrate these information, it would be great.

I removed the unit from the infobox template itself, this also fixed the burner miner infobox. If you want to change the values for certain items, just go to the Item/infobox page and edit them there. For example, for the Electric mining drill you can edit the infobox at Infobox:Electric_mining_drill. If you are looking for info on how the infoboxes work, check out the documentation on Template:Infobox. The actual mining speed of certain ores (item/s) does not belong into the infobox at the moment, having it in the page text is just fine. Oh and don't forget to sign your messges using the 4 ~'s the next time you write something on a talk page :) -- Bilka (talk) - Admin 18:42, 1 June 2017 (UTC)