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Prototype definitions » PrototypeBase » Prototype/Item » Prototype/Tool

Items with a "durability". Used for science packs.

Prototype/Tool — tool
durability::double (optional)
durability_description_key::string (optional)
durability_description_value::string (optional)
infinite::bool (optional)
Inherited from Prototype/Item
icons, icon, icon_size (IconSpecification)::IconSpecification
burnt_result::string (optional)
close_sound::Sound (optional)
dark_background_icons, dark_background_icon, icon_size (IconSpecification)::IconSpecification (optional)
default_request_amount::ItemCountType (optional)
flags::ItemPrototypeFlags (optional)
fuel_acceleration_multiplier::double (optional)
fuel_category::string (optional)
fuel_emissions_multiplier::double (optional)
fuel_glow_color::Color (optional)
fuel_top_speed_multiplier::double (optional)
fuel_value::Energy (optional)
open_sound::Sound (optional)
pictures::SpriteVariations (optional)
place_as_tile::PlaceAsTile (optional)
place_result::string (optional)
placed_as_equipment_result::string (optional)
rocket_launch_product::ItemProductPrototype (optional)
rocket_launch_products::table (array) of ItemProductPrototype (optional)
subgroup::string (optional)
wire_count::ItemCountType (optional)
Inherited from PrototypeBase
localised_description::LocalisedString (optional)
localised_name::LocalisedString (optional)
order::Order (optional)


Optional properties

This prototype inherits all the properties from Prototype/Item.


Type: double
The durability of this tool. Must be positive. Mandatory if infinite is false. Ignored if infinite is true.


Type: string
Default: "description.durability-key"
May not be longer than 200 characters.


Type: string
Default: "description.durability-value"
May not be longer than 200 characters.

In-game, the game provides the locale with three parameters:

  • __1__: remaining durability
  • __2__: total durability
  • __3__: durability as a percentage

So when a locale key that has the following translation

 Remaining durability is __1__ out of __2__ which is __3__ %

is applied to a tool with 2 remaining durability out of 8 it will be displayed as

 Remaining durability is 2 out of 8 which is 25 %


Type: bool
Default: false
Whether this tool has infinite durability. If this is false, durability must be specified