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Prototype definitions » PrototypeBase » Prototype/Entity » Prototype/EntityWithHealth » Prototype/StorageTank

A storage tank.

Prototype/StorageTank — storage-tank
circuit_connector_sprites::table of CircuitConnectorSprites (optional)
circuit_wire_connection_points::table of WireConnectionPoint (optional)
circuit_wire_max_distance::double (optional)
draw_circuit_wires::bool (optional)
draw_copper_wires::bool (optional)
scale_info_icons::bool (optional)
two_direction_only::bool (optional)
Inherited from Prototype/EntityWithHealth
alert_when_damaged::bool (optional)
attack_reaction::AttackReaction (optional)
corpse::string or table of strings (optional)
create_ghost_on_death::bool (optional)
dying_explosion::string (optional)
dying_trigger_effect::TriggerEffect (optional)
healing_per_tick::float (optional)
hide_resistances::bool (optional)
integration_patch::Sprite4Way (optional)
integration_patch_render_layer::RenderLayer (optional)
loot::Loot (optional)
max_health::float (optional)
repair_sound::Sound (optional)
repair_speed_modifier::float (optional)
resistances::Resistances (optional)
Inherited from Prototype/Entity
icons, icon, icon_size (IconSpecification)::IconSpecification
additional_pastable_entities::string or table of string (optional)
alert_icon_scale::float (optional)
alert_icon_shift::vector (optional)
allow_copy_paste::bool (optional)
autoplace::AutoplaceSpecification (optional)
build_base_evolution_requirement::double (optional)
build_sound::Sound (optional)
close_sound::Sound (optional)
collision_box::BoundingBox (optional)
collision_mask::CollisionMask (optional)
created_effect::Trigger (optional)
created_smoke::CreateTrivialSmokeEffectItem (optional)
drawing_box::BoundingBox (optional)
emissions_per_second::double (optional)
emissions_per_tick::double (optional)
enemy_map_color::Color (optional)
fast_replaceable_group::string (optional)
flags::EntityPrototypeFlags (optional)
friendly_map_color::Color (optional)
hit_visualization_box::BoundingBox (optional)
map_color::Color (optional)
map_generator_bounding_box::BoundingBox (optional)
minable::MinableProperties (optional)
mined_sound::Sound (optional)
next_upgrade::string (optional)
open_sound::Sound (optional)
placeable_by::ItemToPlace or table of ItemToPlace (optional)
remains_when_mined::string or table of string (optional)
selectable_in_game::bool (optional)
selection_box::BoundingBox (optional)
selection_priority::uint8 (optional)
shooting_cursor_size::double (optional)
sticker_box::BoundingBox (optional)
subgroup::string (optional)
tile_height::uint32 (optional)
tile_width::uint32 (optional)
vehicle_impact_sound::Sound (optional)
working_sound::WorkingSound (optional)
Inherited from PrototypeBase
localised_description::LocalisedString (optional)
localised_name::LocalisedString (optional)
order::Order (optional)

Mandatory properties

This prototype inherits all the properties from Prototype/EntityWithHealth.


Type: FluidBox


Type: BoundingBox
The location of the window showing the contents. Note that for window_background the width and height are determined by the sprite and window_bounding_box only determines the drawing location. For fluid_background the width is determined by the sprite and the height and drawing location are determined by window_bounding_box.


Type: table
Table with the following mandatory members:


Type: uint32
Must be positive.

Used for determining the x position inside the flow_sprite when drawing the storage tank. Does not affect gameplay.

The x position of the sprite will be ((game.tick % flow_length_in_ticks) ÷ flow_length_in_ticks) × (flow_sprite.width - 32). This means, that over flow_length_in_ticks ticks, the part of the flow_sprite that is drawn in-game is incrementally moved from most-left to most-right inside the actual sprite, that part always has a width of 32px. After flow_length_in_ticks, the part of the flow_sprite that is drawn will start from the left again.


Example state:
  [  { }     ]
  [] <- flow_sprite
  {} <- the part that is drawn in-game, width is 32px

This means:
State at (tick % flow_length_in_ticks) == 0:
  [{ }       ]
State at (tick % flow_length_in_ticks) == (flow_length_in_ticks ÷ 2):
  [    { }   ]
State at (tick % flow_length_in_ticks) == (flow_length_in_ticks - 1):
  [       { }]

Optional properties


Type: bool
Default: false


Type: double
Default: 0


Type: bool
Default: true


Type: bool
Default: true


Type: table of WireConnectionPoint
Mandatory if circuit_wire_max_distance > 0.


Type: table of CircuitConnectorSprites
Mandatory if circuit_wire_max_distance > 0.


Type: bool
Default: true
If the icons of fluids shown in alt-mode should be scaled to the storage tank's size.