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Prototype definitions » PrototypeBase » Prototype/NamedNoiseExpression

A NoiseExpression together with a name.

Named noise expressions are used to specify functions for elevation, temperature, moisture, aux, and cliffiness; e.g. the "elevation" expression is used to calculate elevation for every point on a map.

MapGenSettings can override which named expression is used to calculate a given property by having an entry in property_expression_names e.g. elevation = "0.16-elevation". Alternate expressions can be made available in the map generator GUI by setting their intended_property to the name of the property they should override.

Prototype/NamedNoiseExpression — noise-expression
intended_property::string (optional)
Inherited from PrototypeBase
localised_description::LocalisedString (optional)
localised_name::LocalisedString (optional)
order::Order (optional)

Mandatory properties

Inherits all properties from PrototypeBase.


Type: NoiseExpression
The expression itself.

Optional properties


Type: string
Names the property that this expression is intended to provide a value for, if any. This will make the expression show up as an option in the map generator GUI, unless it is the only expression with that intended property, in which case it will be hidden and selected by default.

For example if a noise expression is intended to be used as an alternative temperature generator, intended_property should be "temperature".


See PrototypeBase#order

Used to order alternative expressions in the map generator GUI. For a given property (e.g. 'temperature'), the NamedNoiseExpression with that property's name as its intended_property with the lowest order will be chosen as the default in the GUI.

If no order is specified, it defaults to "2000" if the property name matches the expression name (making it the 'technical default' generator for the property if none is specified in MapGenSettings), or "3000" otherwise. A generator defined with an order less than "2000" but with a unique name can thereby override the default generator used when creating a new map through the GUI without automatically overriding the 'technical default' generator, which is probably used by existing maps.