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Prototype definitions » PrototypeBase » Prototype/Achievement » Prototype/ConstructWithRobotsAchievement

This prototype definition is used for receiving an achievement when the player constructs enough entities with construction robots.

Prototype/ConstructWithRobotsAchievement — construct-with-robots-achievement
amount::uint32 (optional)
more_than_manually::bool (optional)
Inherited from Prototype/Achievement
icons, icon, icon_size (IconSpecification)::IconSpecification
allowed_without_fight::bool (optional)
hidden::bool (optional)
steam_stats_name::string (optional)
Inherited from PrototypeBase
localised_description::LocalisedString (optional)
localised_name::LocalisedString (optional)
order::Order (optional)

Mandatory properties


Type: bool
If this is false, the player carries over their statistics from this achievement through all their saves.

Optional properties


Type: uint32
Default: 0
This will trigger the achievement, if enough entities were placed using construction robots.

 amount = 100,


Type: bool
Default: false