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Prototype type: ammo

Ammo used for a gun.

Mandatory properties

Inherits all properties from Prototype/Item.


Type: Types/table of Types/AmmoType or Types/AmmoType

When using a vector of AmmoType, the AmmoType has an extra property:

  • source_type - Types/AmmoSourceType - Mandatory. - Defines for which kind of entity this ammo type applies. Each entity kind can only be used once per array.

When using a plain Types/AmmoType, the ammo type applies to everything ("default").

Optional properties


Type: Types/float

Default: 1

Number of shots before ammo item is consumed. Must be >= 1.


Type: Types/float

Default: 0

Amount of extra time (in ticks) it takes to reload the weapon after depleting the magazine. Must be >= 0.