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  • Research is performed in Labs.
  • Every technology has a certain amount of units that are needed for it to be researched, the logistics 1 technology in the example requires 20 units.
  • Every unit requires a certain combination of science packs, these have to be created and transported into the lab before it can start the research.
  • When the laboratory has all the needed ingredients, it starts researching one unit, the time to research the unit varies from technology to technology.
  • The more laboratories are researching at the same time, the shorter time it takes to get all the units required.


Res.png Example of research


For the new player, the basic red research pack will be the first bigger item they try crafting by hand only to realise how slow it is. The idea to automate production of the red science packs (and their insertion into the labs) will occur and grow to automate the green and blue too.

This process forms a good part of the early/mid game to establish a reasonable progression speed through the tech tree.


Technology tree

Note: This is the technology of version 0.6 or lower, and a bit outdated.

We recommend to look into this thread for a more or less actual version of this tree.

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Advanced chemistry Advanced electronics 1 Advanced electronics 2 |-
Alien technology (research).png
Alien technology
Armor crafting 1 Armor crafting 2 |- Automobilism Automation 1 Automation 2 |- Chemistry
Electronics |- Flamethrower (research) Flammables Flight |- Iron working Laser Laser turrets |- Logistics 1 Logistics 2 Logistics 3 |- Logistic robot speed Logistic robot cargo Logistic robotics |- Military 1 Military 2 Optics |-
Railway (research).png
Rocketry Rocket damage |- Rocket shooting speed Robotics Solar energy |- Turrets Lab efficiency Steel processing |- Automated rail transportation Electric energy accumulators Electric energy distribution 1 |- Inserter item stack size Rail signals Land mines |-
Rocket defense (research).png
Rocket defense (research)
Advanced material processing 1 Advanced material processing 2 |- Automation 3 Character logistic slots Effect transmission |- Module Effectivity module 1 (research) Effectivity module 2 (research) |- Effectivity module 3 (research) Productivity module 1 (research) Productivity module 2 (research) |- Productivity module 3 (research) Speed module 1 (research) Speed module 2 (research) |- Speed module 3 (research) Electric energy distribution 2 Follower robot count |- Toolbelt Military 3 Military 4 |- Explosive rocketry Bullet damage Bullet shooting speed |- Laser turret damage Shotgun shell damage Laser turret shooting speed |- Shotgun shell shooting speed Gun turret damage Combat robotics |- Combat robotics 2 Combat robotics 3 Combat robot damage |- Armor crafting 3 Power armor (research) Power armor 2 |- Energy shield equipment Energy shield MK2 equipment Night vision equipment |- Basic exoskeleton equipment (research)
Battery equipment
Battery equipment MK2 |- Portable solar panel (research) Portable fusion reactor (research) Personal laser defense (research) |- Discharge defense (research)