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The radar is used to continually scan sectors. It is has a high power demand and is a priority target of Enemies. It keeps a small area (7x7 chunks, ca. 221x221 tiles <ref>based on the central tile of radar structure chunk is in. This value is confirmed for 0.9.x </ref> ) updated about all enemy movements.

Radar explores one unexplored chunk when the sector scanning progress finishes up to distance of 14 chunks. It slowly discovers a large area of the map. In other words: As long as you provide the radar with enough energy, it reveals a chunk every (???) seconds.

When the radar finishes the sector process, it finds the chunk in the area that wasn't scanned for the longest time and rescan it. In the start these are the chunks that are not charted at all and they get discovered. Once the radar discovers all the chunks in the area, it will start updating chunks again.

So it is always possible, to build more radars, to get more frequent update of the surrounding area.

See also long term radar behavior.

Self sufficient radar outpost.

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Total raw:
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Max power: 300 kW (electric)

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