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More in Research

Mandatory properties

Inherits all properties from Prototype.


It contains

  • count - How many units are needed
  • time - how much time is needed per one unit, in standard laboratory without upgrades it is is count of seconds
  • ingredients - list of ingredients needed for one units
 unit =
   count = 20,
   time = 5,
   ingredients = { ["science-pack-1"] = 1 }


List of technologies needed to be researched before this one can be researched.

 prerequisites = {"explosives", "military-2"}


Type: Modifier List of effects of the technology (applied when the technology is researched).

   type  = "unlock-recipe",
   recipe = "land-mine"

Optional properties

Inherits all properties from Prototype.


When set to true, and the technology contains several levels, only the relevant one is displayed in the technology screen.

    type = "technology",
    name = "rocket-damage-2",
    upgrade = "true"

Default value is false

note from FreeER, it is possible that I am wrong so I figured I'd put my name and that this senctence could mislead you first lol, I believe that all except for the first unresearched technology in the series are hidden, for factorio to know which technologies are in that series the technology names must be the same except for the number at the end

note from Matjojo, It is currently not possible to have more than one descriptions for a line of upgrades.