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Category: Internal API

The Mod Portal API is used to both browse and download all mods available on the official Factorio mod portal. Using the API does not require any kind of authentication or account information and can be viewed simply by following the URLs below in any web browser.

More detailed information about a particular mod can be obtained by retrieving the following URL, where {name} is the mod's name field in the result object.{name}

To get even more information about a mod, you can use the following URL.{name}/full



GET Parameters (sent as query parameters):

Key Values Description
hide_deprecated {boolean} Only return non-deprecated mods.
page {an integer} Page number you would like to show. Makes it so you can see a certain part of the list without getting detail on all
page_size {an integer or 'max'} The amount of results to show in your search
sort {enum, one of name, created_at or updated_at} Sort results by this property. Defaults to name when not defined. Ignored for page_size=max queries.
sort_order {enum, one of asc or desc} Sort results ascending or descending. Defaults to descending when not defined. Ignored for page_size=max queries.
namelist {array of strings} Return only mods that match the given names. Either comma-separated names or supply the namelist parameter more than once. Response will include releases instead of latest_release.
version {enum, one of 0.13, 0.14, 0.15, 0.16, 0.17, 0.18, 1.0 or 1.1} Only return non-deprecated mods compatible with this Factorio version

Returns #Mod List Response


Return short information of a specific mod.

See #Result Entry, "Short" column.


Returns more information of a mod.

See #Result Entry, "Full" column.

JSON Object Types

Mod List Response

Key Type Description
pagination Pagination See #Pagination
results Result[] A list of mods, matching any filters you specified.


Key Type Description
count Integer Total number of mods that match your specified filters.
links Links Utility links to mod portal api requests, preserving all filters and search queries.
page Integer The current page number.
page_count Integer The total number of pages returned.
page_size Integer The number of results per page.

Pagination Links

Key Type Description
first String(URL) URL to the first page of the results, or null if you're already on the first page.
prev String(URL) URL to the previous page of the results, or null if you're already on the first page.
next String(URL) URL to the next page of the results, or null if you're already on the last page.
last String(URL) URL to the last page of the results, or null if you're already on the last page.

Result Entry

Fields returned by the api/mods endpoint are marked with a check (✓) in the "api/mods endpoint" column, those returned by the api/mods/{name} endpoint are marked with a check in the "Short" column and those returned by the api/mods/{name}/full endpoint are marked in the "Full" column. Fields may be absent if there is no data.

Key Type api/mods endpoint Short Full Description
downloads_count Integer Number of downloads.
latest_release Release? The latest version of the mod available for download. Absent when the namelist parameter is used.
name String The mod's machine-readable ID string.
owner String The Factorio username of the mod's author.
releases Release[] ✓* A list of different versions of the mod available for download. See #Releases. *Only when using namelist parameter.
summary String A shorter mod description.
title String The mod's human-readable name.
category Category? A single category describing the mod. See Mod_details_API#Category.
thumbnail String(relative URL) The relative path to the thumbnail of the mod. For mods that have no thumbnail it may be absent or default to "/assets/.thumb.png". Prepend "".
changelog String A string describing the recent changes to a mod.
created_at String(ISO 8601) ISO 8601 for when the mod was created.
description String A longer description of the mod, in text only format.
source_url String A URL to the mod's source code.
github_path String Deprecated: Use source_url instead. A link to the mod's github project page, just prepend "". Can be blank ("").
homepage String Usually a URL to the mod's main project page, but can be any string.
tags Tag[] A list of tag names that categorize the mod. See #Tags.
license #License[] The license that applies to the mod. See #License.


Only difference here between the api/mods/{name} endpoint and the api/mods/{name}/full endpoint is that the full one includes an array of dependencies in the info_json object.

Key Type Description
download_url String Path to download for a mod. starts with "/download" and does not include a full url. See #Downloading Mods
file_name String The file name of the release. Always seems to follow the pattern "{name}_{version}.zip"
info_json Object A copy of the mod's info.json file, only contains factorio_version in short version, also contains an array of dependencies in full version
released_at String(ISO 8601) ISO 8601 for when the mod was released.
version String The version string of this mod release. Used to determine dependencies.
sha1 String The sha1 key for the file


Currently, there are only a fixed number of tags available, these include:

id type name title description
12 t transportation Transportation Transportation of the player, be it vehicles or teleporters.
13 t logistics Logistics Augmented or new ways of transporting materials - belts, inserters, pipes!
?? t combat Combat New ways to deal with enemies, be it attack or defense.
17 t enemies Enemies Changes to enemies or entirely new enemies to deal with.
18 t armor Armor Armors or armor equipment.
?? t environment Environment Map generation and terrain modification.
20 t logistic-network Logistics Network Related to roboports and logistic robots
?? t circuit-network Circuit network Entities which interact with the circuit network.
21 t storage Storage More than just chests.
22 t power Power Production Changes to power production and distribution.
23 t manufacturing Manufacture Furnaces, assembling machines, production chains
24 t blueprints Blueprints Change blueprint behavior.
25 t cheats Cheats Play it your way.
27 t mining Mining New ores and resources as well as machines.
?? t fluids Fluids Things related to oil and other fluids.
29 t trains Trains Trains are great, but what if they could do even more?


Key Type Description
description String A short description of the license.
id String The unique id of the license.
name String The internal name of the license.
title String The human-readable title of the license.
url String Usually a URL to the full license text, but can be any string.


Key Type Description
message String

Downloading Mods

You can get the full url by appending the download_url to, but if you're not authenticated, you will be redirected to Logging in to that would give you access to the file. Fortunately, there's a better way to do this. Simply adding username and token parameters to the download url will prevent the redirecting and let you download the file immediately. The token can be acquired from a json file called "player-data.json", located in the User Data directory (see Application_directory#User_data_directory). You can also get the token by using the Web Authentication API.

Example usage:{download_url}?username={username}&token={token}