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   animation_speed = 0.5
   animation_speed = 0.5
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Specifies animation that can be used in the game.

Note that if any frame of the animation is specified from the same source as any other Types/Sprite or frame of other animation, it will be shared.

Mandatory properties


Type: Types/uint32

Can't be 0.

Optional properties


Type: Types/table of Types/Animation

If this property is present, all Animation definitions have to be placed as entries in the array, and they will all be loaded from there. Each item (Animation definition) in the array may also have the layers property.

If this property is present, all other properties are ignored and the mandatory properties do not have to be defined.


Type: Types/Animation

If this property exists and high resolution sprites are turned on, its contents are used to load the Animation.


Type: Types/FileName

Default: ""

Mandatory if "stripes" is not specified.


Type: Types/string

Default: "medium"

Possible values:

  • "extra-high-no-scale"
  • "extra-high"
  • "high"
  • "medium"
  • "low"
  • "very-low"


Type: Types/SpriteFlags


Type: Types/SpriteSizeType or Types/table of Types/SpriteSizeType

The width and height of the one frame. If this is an array, the first member of the array is the width and the second is the height. Otherwise the size is both width and height.

Width and height may only be in the range of 0-8192.


Type: Types/SpriteSizeType

Mandatory if size is not given. Width of one frame in pixels, from 0-8192.


Type: Types/SpriteSizeType

Mandatory if size is not given. Height of one frame in pixels, from 0-8192.


Type: Types/SpriteSizeType

Default: 0

Horizontal position of the animation in the source file in pixels.


Type: Types/SpriteSizeType

Default: 0

Vertical position of the animation in the source file in pixels.


Type: Types/table of Types/SpriteSizeType

Loaded only when x and y are both 0. The first member of the array is x and the second is y.


Type: Types/vector

Default: {0, 0}


Type: Types/double

Default: 1

Values different than 1 specify the scale of the animation on default zoom. Scale 2 means that the picture will be 2 times bigger on screen (and more pixelated).


Type: Types/bool

Default: false


Type: Types/uint8

Default: 0

Only loaded if this is an icon (has flag "icon").


Type: Types/bool

Default: false


Type: Types/Color

Default: {r=1, g=1, b=1, a=1} (white)


Type: Types/string

Default: "normal"

Possible values:

  • "normal"
  • "additive"
  • "additive-soft"
  • "multiplicative"
  • "overwrite"


Type: Types/bool

Default: false

Minimal mode is entered when mod loading fails. You are in it when you see the gray box after (part of) the loading screen that tells you a mod error (Example). If you are a modder, you can just ignore this property.


Type: Types/bool

Default: true

Whether alpha should be premultiplied.


Type: Types/bool

Default: false


Type: Types/string

Default: "forward"

Possible values are:

  • forward
  • backward
  • forward-then-backward


Type: Types/uint32

Default: 0

Once the specified number of pictures is loaded, other pictures are loaded on other line. This is to allow having longer animations in matrix, to avoid pictures with too big width. The game engine limits the width of any input picture to 2048px, so it is compatible with most graphics cards.


Type: Types/float

Default: 1

Modifier of the animation playing speed, the default is 1, which means one animation frame per tick (60 fps). The speed of playing can often vary depending on the usage (output of steam engine for example). Can't be 0.


Type: Types/float

Default: MAX_FLOAT


Type: Types/uint8

Default: 1

Can't be 0.


Type: table of Stripe


Specification of animation of a beacon

animation =
  filename = "__base__/graphics/entity/beacon/beacon-antenna.png",
  width = 54,
  height = 50,
  line_length = 8,
  frame_count = 32,
  shift = { -0.03125, -1.71875},
  animation_speed = 0.5

Prototype properties that use this type