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Transport belt

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Template:Machinery The Basic Transport Belt is the easiest and cheapest method of automatic item transportation. It is available from the beginning of the game, without any research. See Belt transport system for more general information about transport belts.


Type Max. throughput (Items per game-second) Speed (Tiles per game-second) Max. density (Items per tile) Required technologies
Basic transport belt 13.393* 1.875* 7.143* none

 *Experimental value. See Transport belt experiments for more detailed information.

3 fast inserters per side will fill a basic transport belt to maximum density.

Production Layouts

Iron gear wheels take the same amount of time to manufacture as transport belts, so one gear assembler can supply one belt assembler at full capacity.

Design Input: (Items per game-second)
Iron plate.png
Output: (Items per game-second)
Transport belt.png

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