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A tile is the smallest piece of the world map. The whole factorio world is made out of them.

Tiles are both: a unit to measure area and distance.

A Chunk is 32x32 tiles. A chunk is the next biggest unit for area/distance.


  • Area covered by radar: 100 tiles Diameter (100 tiles in each direction)
  • Speed of a basic belt: about 1.8 tiles/sec.
  • It takes about 2 minutes and 47 seconds to run 1000 tiles without speed up. Which means that the character is a very healthy man/woman.

Real size of tiles

1 Tile is generally assumed to be 1 square meter in size (like Minecraft).

Length or area?

If you want to make it clear whether you are referring to a tile as length or area please use something like "tile length", "square tiles", "tile^2" or similar, but in most cases it should be clear.